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The sparkling circles of the heavenly host, Paradiso XXVIII. The Vision of Purgatory and Paradise, translated by the Rev. Henry Francis Cary (London: Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, [1869?]) Eb.12.40

Readers are encouraged to recommend works for purchase: the preferred means is via the on-line recommendation form. There are also printed recommendation forms available in various locations throughout the Library. It is not always necessary, however, to fill in a form. Departmental staff are happy to accept marked up publishers' catalogues, booksellers' lists or prospectuses, or the details of a book simply contained in an email, letter or note.

Readers are not normally informed that the works they have recommended have been approved, and they may assume that their recommendations have been ordered unless they are notified to the contrary. Most works recommended by readers are acquired within a few weeks. The Department normally orders from suppliers in the country of publication, as this has been found to be more reliable, as well as offering financial advantages. It does mean, however, that it may take longer to acquire a book than the recommender expects. In addition, because of the amount of material being received, it is inevitable that there is some delay between receipt of parcels and the processing of the books.

If readers wish to enquire about the progress of a recommendation, they should normally first ask the staff in the Main Reading Room, or contact the Italian specialist, Mrs Bettina Rex, at