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The following is a list of degrees that require (or may require) a deposit of a thesis in the University Library according to the Ordinances of the University of Cambridge (Chapter VII: Degrees, Diplomas, and other qualifications):

  • BA Geog. ► 1971- [Geography Tripos dissertations which have been awarded 3 first class marks are transferred to the UL after 4 years being held by the Department of Geography Library as part of their stock]
  • B.D. ► From 1873-1981 [Only candidates whose claim to the degree is based either wholly or in part on a dissertation are required to deposit a printed or typewritten copy of the dissertation]
  • Bus.D. ► [No Bus.D. theses have been deposited in the UL as of March 2017]
  • Ed.D. ► From 2017-
  • Eng.D. ► From 2010-
  • M.Chir. ► From 1966- [previous to this they were awarded by examination]
  • M.D. ► From 1937-
  • M.Litt. ► From 1925-
  • M.Sc. ► From 1923-
  • Mus.D. Exercises ► From 1877-1906 [Should none of the works approved for the degree have been published, the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Music may require the candidate either to publish, or to deposit in the University Library, before being admitted to the degree]
  • PhD. ► From 1921-
  • Vet.M.D. ► From 2008-

We also hold copies of the following theses, dates as shown:

  • Advanced Student Dissertations (Certificate of Research) ► 1897-1924
  • D.D. ► 1909-1986
  • Diploma in Anthropology ► 1912-1952
  • LL.B ► 1920
  • LL.M ► 1902-1983
  • M.B. ► 1912
  • Mus.Bac. Exercises ► 1872-1901
  • Mus.M. Exercises ► 1910
  • M.Phil. (2 year Faculty of Divinity ONLY) ► 1978-1998

Ph.D., M.Litt., M.Sc., and Divinity M.Phil. theses approved after 1970 are catalogued in iDiscover, as are M.D. and M.Chir. theses approved after May 2006. Earlier theses are listed in a card catalogue in the Manuscripts Reading Room and are gradually being added to iDiscover. If you are unable to find a particular theses or would like further information on our holdings please email

B.A. Geography Tripos dissertations have been catalogued by the Geography Department Library in iDiscover. For dissertations consulted in the Manuscripts Reading Room there will be a note on the catalogue record saying 'Transfered to University Library'.