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The full subject classification of the chapbooks and juvenile literature collection is as follows: 

Books of guidance for children and adults:

Children's books: Recreative Children's books: Instructive Religion and moral teaching
1: Toy books and nursery rhymes 9: Alphabets and tables 21: Bible: General and O.T.
2: Books for children of 1-7 years 10: Reading books, grammars etc. 22: Bible: N.T.
4: Books for children of 7-17 years 11: General information 23: Scriptural and church history
5: Poetry 12: Maths, physics and chemistry 24: Devotional works
8: Bound collections of the above 13: Geology and botany 25: Morals and manners
  14: Nature study 26: Tracts
  15: Useful arts and trades  


Books of information:

Magic, etc. History, geography and travels Crime
30: Prophecies and fortune-telling 40: World history and ancient history 50: Crimes and criminals
31: Strange events and accidents 41: Great Britain: History  
33: Valentines 42: Great Britain: Local history and guidebooks  
  43: Other countries: History  
  44: Geography and travels: General  
  45: Geography and travels: Great Britain  
  46: Geography and travels: Other countries  


Books for entertainment:

Songbooks, jestbooks and chapbooks proper Drama Miscellaneous
54: Songs and song-books  61: Plays 64: General
55: Jest-books, riddles and games    65: Miniature books
56: Chapbooks proper    66: Miniature books: From Banbury
    67: Miniature books: From London
    68: Miniature books: From York
    69: Miniature books: Other

As a guide to the proportions of each type of material held in the University Library, some 250 volumes are in class 1, 500 in class 4, 575 in class 26, 240 in class 54 and 530 in 56, with considerably fewer in the other classes.