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Izvestiia digital archive

Readers will remember the announcement early in 2011 that the University Library had purchase access to the East View Pravda digital archive. We are pleased to announce that access has now also been acquired to the East View Izvestiia digital archive. This latest acquisition follows a successful trial held in the autumn.

The archive goes back to Izvestiia's first issue, published on 28 February (new style 13 March) 1912, and provides searchable and browsable access to all issues up to the end of the previous year to last. While Pravda was the voice of the Communist Party, Izvestiia represented the views of the Soviet government. Taken together, they provide an extremely valuable picture particularly of the Soviet period, and would be of great interest to researchers in any field connected with Russia and the Soviet Union.

Click here to find the link to the archive.