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Romanized Japanese Union Catalogue

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Fihrist: Islamic Manuscripts Catalogue Online

Not all Library material is contained in the online catalogues. The Library has two additional catalogues known as the Old Catalogues:

  • The pre-1978 Supplementary Catalogue located in the south corridor outside the main Reading Room contains records for items that were not considered to be of academic importance at the time of receipt (for example, novels). These items cannot be found in the online catalogue, iDiscover.
  • Items that were considered to be of academic importance were entered into the pre-1978 General Catalogue (the green volumes known as 'guard books', which line the walls of the Catalogue Room). Records for all items in the General Catalogue can now be found using iDiscover.

There are also several Card Catalogues in the Library. These need to be consulted in the relevant reading room. The majority of catalogue records contained within these card catalogues will not be found in any online catalogues.

  • Map Department Card Catalogue. Catalogue records for most of our 1.3 million maps can only be found in the Map Department's card catalogue. (Note that items catalogued since 2000 can only be found in the online catalogue - so you need to look in both places!)
  • Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) Card Catalogue.  Records for about 250,000 publications can only be found in the RCS card catalogue.  This is located in the Rare Books Reading Room, behind the glass wall.  Monographs, pamphlets, journal articles, official publications, directories and yearbooks, periodicals and annual reports across the Commonwealth and colonial territories are included.  There is an author catalogue, a biographical catalogue, a periodical titles catalogue, a catalogue of society publications and a subject catalogue; the latter sub-divided firstly by geographical region and then by subject chronologically. Please be aware that the card catalogue includes about 66,000 items re-catalogued on the computer catalogue.
  • Official Publications Card Catalogue. Since 1999 the more important works have been catalogued in the online catalogue. Pre-1999 material is accessible through a subject-catalogue on cards in the Rare Books Reading Room annexe. It is in three sections: the United Kingdom; foreign and Commonwealth countries (except India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and intergovernmental organisations; India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Blue Books (British Parliamentary Papers) have their own set of bound indexes standing next to the card catalogue. Indexes to House of Lords papers are available on request.
  • Music Collections card catalogues are located in the Anderson Room. The main music card catalogue contains entries for ca. 300,000 scores. It was begun in 1934 and was closed in 1989. The arrangement of cards under each composer is classified and the guide card for most composers' names gives a list of the classification numbers, which are at the top of each card. Anonymous works and collections are entered under title. The supplementary catalogue of secondary music is in two parts, covering the periods from 1853 to 1911 and 1912 to 1983.