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Known from 1897 to 1913 as advanced students.  From 1913 to 1920 Research Students could qualify for the degrees of BA or of LL.B. by means of Certificates of Research. New regulations approved in May 1920 allowed research students to proceed to the degree of BA by research, and in Nov. 1920 a report was approved authorising the Council of the Senate to obtain a statute introducing the degrees of M. Litt. (Master of Letters), and M.Sc. (Master of Science). Detailed regulations for these degrees were approved on 19 May 1922. The first annual report of the Board of Research Studies, published on 10 February 1921, lists 72 research students registered for the degree of PhD (Doctor of Philosophy). Lists of research and advanced students receiving certificates of research are to be found in The Historical Register, Supp. 1, 49-52 (1897-1920); Supp. 2, 93-94 (1920/1-1923/4). The Board of Graduate Studies issues a list of graduate students on the register at 1 December of each year, which list has been published separately from Reporter since 1976.