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EVENT | 28 Apr 18.00-19.30 | ALL WELCOME

'It felt like a revolution': reflections of 40 years of women at Trinity College [CANCELLED]

'It felt like a revolution' by Sonum Sumaria is a short film reflecting on the perspectives of past and current Trinity students and Fellows. A Q&A follows the talk, before guests are invited to join a wine reception until 7.30pm.

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TALK | 30 Apr 17.30-19.00 | ALL WELCOME

King's College Spurling Report on women in Higher Education: 30 years on [CANCELLED]

In 1990, King’s College Cambridge produced a report by social anthropologist Andrea Spurling on the state of gender equality within the College. 30 years on, we reflect on the progress made since the original report.

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Our public event programme is generously supported by the Friends of the Library.

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