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About Secure Electronic Delivery

Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) is a method of delivering documents direct to your desktop in electronic format. Articles and chapter copies supplied by British Library can be sent by SED using DRM Lite. If you would like to receive articles and chapter copies in this way, please let us know when you make the request.

Advantages include:

  • Speed of service, no postal delays
  • Delivered to your desktop
  • Easy access through your email address

How does it work?

Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) is an inter-library loan term that applies to a method of electronic delivery. The method the library uses is the British Library's DRM Lite which enables us to supply encrypted documents (via a link in an e-mail) without the need for any special plug-ins.

When an SED is supplied the requesting end user will be asked to register for a British Library On Demand online account and then activate it. If they have one already, then they may simply enter their On Demand account username and password to open the document.

As the requested document is then locked to the user rather than a machine it means they will be able to open it on multiple platforms. The only tool their PC, laptop or device will need installed is Adobe Reader X or higher.

Further details on DRM Lite can be found here.

Important Note - Safe List

Emails with links or attachments, such as those sent by the British Library when supplying documents electronically, may be filtered by various email clients and service providers. It is therefore important to regularly check your junk mail folder or add the following address to your email "Safe List":