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Leonardo a Milano

This collection of essays, in 4 volumes, is a comprehensive study of the presence of Leonardo Da Vinci in Renaissance Milan. The renowned art historian, Alessandro Ballarin, collects here the fruits of twenty years of painstaking research, which constitute an intricate analysis of the interaction between Leonardo and the sophisticated urban and artistic milieu in which he did much of his greatest work.

These volumes can be consulted in the West Room and stand at S950.a.201.524-527.



Censimento dei Commenti danteschi

“I Commenti di tradizione manoscritta” is the first stage of the ambitious project which will eventually provide an analytical catalogue of all commentaries on Dante's Divina Commedia down to the year 2000. This volume covers the 698 manuscript commentaries produced between Dante's death and the end of the 15th century, with full paleographical, codicological and bibliographical details.

Future volumes of “Censimento dei Commenti danteschi” will cover the vast corpus of printed editions and commentaries from 1472 to 2000.

“I Commenti di tradizione manoscritta” stands at S950:01.c.54.1-2.