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The photographs arrived in the Library in a series of unsorted boxes and envelopes. The contents of any one envelope was rarely of related images. A fair number of the photos have information written on the back in the hands of both Roberto or Poldi, and occasionally in other unidentified hands. This information often includes dates, but these dates, especially in Poldi's hand, often conflict with other evidence.

Photographs taken at the same time have been kept together. These groups have been identified by a number of criteria, including numbers written on the backof prints, size of print and nature of border, and subject matter.

For practical purposes the collection has been sorted into the following categories

  • MS.Gerhard.21 - Roberto Gerhard. Portraits, and early family photographs. In chronological order.
  • MS.Gerhard.22 - Roberto Gerhard in his electronic studio - all from his time in 14 Madingley Road (1958-1970)
  • MS.Gerhard.23 - Roberto Gerhard and other people. In chronological order.
  • MS.Gerhard.24 - Miscellany of undated holiday snaps, in Austria and the Costa Brava in the 1920's and 30's.
  • MS.Gerhard.25 - Poldi Feichtegger-Gerhard. Early family and portrait photographs of Poldi and her brother Franz, and photographs from after Roberto's death.
  • MS.Gerhard.26 - Portraits of others, including Manuel de Falla, Felipe Pedrell, and Arnold Schoenberg.
  • MS.Gerhard.27-28 - 27: Places - mostly identified, but with estimated dates - 28: Published picture post cards.
  • MS.Gerhard.29 - Grey album of photos from about 1926-1936 (in preparation)
  • MS.Gerhard.30-31 - Pair of albums of photos of a canoeing holiday in the 1930s (in preparation)
  • List of published photographs