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A carol for Christmas Day
Christmas journey
Conversations SEE Suite (Music for 3 players)
Festival March
The great manhunt SEE State secret
The magnet
Morning departure AKA Operation Disaster
The Mudlark AKA Queen Victoria and Disraeli
Operation Disaster SEE Morning departure
Queen Victoria and Disraeli SEE The mudlark
State Secret AKA The great manhunt
Suite (Music for 3 players) AKA Conversations



Distant Thames SEE Royal River
Beauty Queen SEE Lady Godiva rides again
Festival in London AKA London in Festival year
The gifts of Christmas
Henry Moore, sculptor
House in the Square AKA I'll never forget you AKA Man of two worlds AKA Sense of the past
I'll never forget you SEE House in the Square
Lady Godiva rides again AKA Beauty Queen
London in Festival year SEE Festival in London
The magic box
Man of two worlds SEE House in the Square
Night without stars
No resting place
Royal River AKA Distant Thames
Sense of two worlds SEE House in the Square
Symphony no. 2 (unfinished)
Trio for flute, cello, and piano



Alliance for peace
The Card AKA The promoter
Coronation March
The crash of silence SEE Mandy
The crimson pirate
Island of desire SEE Saturday Island
The long memory
The magic island
Mandy AKA The crash of silence AKA The story of Mandy
The promoter SEE The card
The Queen's inheritance
Royal Heritage
Saturday Island AKA Island of desire
The story of Mandy SEE Mandy
Symphonic prelude : The magic island SEE The magic island



Coronation Day across the world
A day's mischief SEE Personal affair
Long live the Queen!
Lyra angelica
The Malta story
The Master of Ballantrae AKA The Sea Rogue
Personal affair AKA A day's mischief
Powered flight AKA The story of the century
Quartets, strings, D minor (String quartet no. 1, second sequence)
The sea rogue SEE The Master of Ballantrae
The story of the century SEE Powered flight
Symphony no. 2



Autumn legend
Black on white
Fanfare for the Queen's birthday SEE Fanfare, Royal birthday
Fanfare, Royal Birthday AKA Fanfare for the Queen's birthday
Farewell Companions AKA Robert Emmett
Fifty North SEE War in the air. No. 3.
Land of fury SEE The seekers
The man with a million SEE The Million pound note
The million pound note AKA The man with a million
Newmarket Heath SEE The rainbow jacket
The rainbow jacket AKA Newmarket Heath AKA Rogue's company
Robert Emmett SEE Farewell companions
Rogue's company SEE The rainbow jacket
The seekers AKA Land of fury (FILM)
Svengali AKA Trilby
Trilby SEE Svengali
War in the air. No. 3. Fifty North.



Bedevilled AKA Boulevard in Paris AKA Sacred and Profane
Boulevard in Paris SEE Bedevilled
Eastern victory SEE War in the air. No. 13
Geordie AKA Wee Geordie
P.T. raiders SEE The ship that died of shame
Sacred and Profane SEE Bedevilled
The ship that died of shame AKA P.T. Raiders
War in the air. No. 13. Eastern Victory.
Wee Geordie SEE Geordie



The Black Tent
Colonel March of Scotland Yard
Dramatic overture : the Moor of Venice SEE The Moor of Venice
Elizabethan Dances
The Moor of Venice AKA Dramatic overture : the Moor of Venice
Symphony no. 3



Adamson of Africa SEE Killers of Kilimanjaro
Big time operators SEE The smallest show on earth
Fantasy waltzes for piano
Fortune is a woman AKA She played with fire
I accuse!
Killers of Kilimanjaro AKA Adamson of Africa
Manuela AKA Stowaway girl
The mouth of God : the tragedy of Girolamo Savonarola
She played with fire SEE Fortune is a woman
The smallest show on earth AKA Big time operators
Stowaway girl SEE Manuela


Carve her name with pride
Fanfare for a joyful occasion
A night to remember
Twelve preludes for piano
The seekers (Prologue for speaker and orchestra)
The silent enemy



Death and butter SEE Devil's bait
Derby Day - Overture
Devil's bait AKA Death and butter
The raging men SEE Shake hands with the devil
Shake hands with the devil AKA The raging men
Symphony no. 4
Third man on the mountain SEE ALSO Banner in the sky
Trios, Strings.