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April morn : 4 little pieces for piano 
Barcarolle for piano 
Boys of Wexford : for violin and piano 
Two Irish pieces for piano


Quartets, strings, W. 228, G minor (String quartet no. 0, first sequence)
Romance, string quartet, G major


Bagatelle for piano 
Capricietto for piano 
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may - for voice and piano, words by Robert Herrick 
Idyll : for flute and piano
Three lyric pieces : for piano
Prelude for piano
Romance for piano
Sonata in A minor for piano


Fairy Fiddler : opera. Libretto by Elizabeth Shane
Little gurgling brook : for piano
Three preludes for viola and piano
Quartets, strings, W. 225, Bb minor (String quartet no. 1, first sequence)


Bell-buoy : for piano
Fairy pool : for piano 
In a joyful mood ; In a mournful mood : for piano
Three Irish folk tunes : arranged for flute, 'cello and piano
Seven Irish tunes : suite for string quartet
Leprechaun : a fairy fragment : for string quartet 
Nurse's tune : or Hushaby : tune 1010 from the Petrie collection, arr. for voice (vocalise) or violin and piano
Four portraits : from Sir J.M. Barries' Peter Pan : for piano
Peter Pan : suite for small orchestra
Two pieces for viola and piano. 1. Solitude -- 2. Dance 
Quartets, strings, W. 227, F minor (String quartet no. 2, first sequence) 
Sea surge : a prelude in C minor for pianoforte
Four sketches for piano
Untitled set for piano (Sunday morning -- The tiny white cottage in the heather -- The wee piper -- The rain drips on the dead leaves)


"I don't like beetles" : song for voice and piano, words by Rose Fyleman
Five little pieces for string quartet : 1. Winter Morning -- 2. A Marching Tune -- 3. Peter Puck -- 4. The Fairy Fiddler -- 5. Hurdy Gurdy
Two pieces from Peter Pan : for piano
Preludes on folk-tunes for piano 
Valse caprice : for piano


Prelude for orchestra
Quartets, strings, W. 226, F major (String quartet no. 3, first sequence)
Quietly rocking : for piano
Yellow sands : sketch for piano


Blackdown : a tone poem from the Surrey Hills : for full orchestra
Cuckoo ball : for piano
Fancy free : for piano
Little string quartet (String quartet no. 4, first sequence)
Peter May : Her booke of aires most quaintly done for the spirit : for piano
Untitled piano pieces (Allegro con grazia -- Adagio -- Allegro giocoso)


Bed-time : for unison children's voices, words by Alec M. Smith 
Duma : a song with flute and piano. For baritone, flute and piano.
Eagle's whistle : arrangement of an Irish folk tune for voice and piano
My garden : for unison children's voices, words by Alec M. Smith
Odd moments : suite for piano
On Milton Hill : for flute and piano
Peter in the park : for piano
Five preludes for full orchestra
Quartets, strings, W. 229, A minor (String quartet no. 5, first sequence)
Quartets, strings, W. 230, E minor (String quartet no. 6, first sequence)
Three pieces for string quartet
Teddy and me : for unison children's voices, words by Alec M. Smith


Ad infinitum : a satire for orchestra 
Cricketty Mill : for piano
Green hills : for piano
Phantasy trio : for violin, viola and violoncello
Sinfonietta for string quartet in C major
Wind and the rain : for piano


Quartets, strings, W. 231, A minor (String quartet no. 7, first sequence)
Tryst : ballet