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The Rare Books room contains an extensive collection of reference works on book history, bibliography and other relevant subjects. The volumes are arranged around the room clockwise, beginning on the right hand side of the staff desk. The sequence continues in the glassed-off teaching space. Large format volumes with size indicator .a are shelved below the windows and are not always directly next to the main run. Maps are available on the staff desk and by the windows; if you need any assistance locating a book, please ask any member of staff. An outline of the classification scheme for the reference works is also available.

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Abbreviations - dictionaries B78.28
Accounting literature - bibliography B150.425 
African books - printing etc. B551
Agriculture - bibliography B150.440
Alchemy - bibliography B150.360
Almanacs - bibliography B160
American bookbindings - provenance - America B890:9-91
American books - bibliography B150.660-674
American books - illustration See Illustration of books
American books, North - bibliography & catalogues B140
American books, North - printing etc. B530-544
American books, South & Central - bibliography & catalogues B141 [For Brazil, see Portuguese books]
American books, South & Central - printing etc. B550
American languages - bibliography B150.847
Anglo-Saxon language See English language - Old English, ca. 450-1100 
Armories See Heraldry
Art - bibliography B150.404
Architecture - bibliography B150.410
Asia - bibliography B150.617-634
Asian books - bibliography & catalogues B143 [N.B. Main reference collections are in Aoi Reading Room]
Asian books - printing etc. B552
Atlases B60.a.1- [N.B. Main reference collections are in Map Room] 
Auctions See Book sales
Australasia - bibliography B150.679-694
Australasian bookbindings - provenance B890:94
Australasian books - bibliography & catalogues B144
Australasian books - printing etc. B553
Authors - bibliography B151 
Authors and authorship B835-837
Authors and patrons B835-837

Banned books See Censorship
Belgian bookbindings - history B670-673
Belgian bookbindings - provenance B890:6
Belgian books - bibliography & catalogues B134
Belgian books - bibliography - incunabula B115
Belgian books - general - incunabula B253
Belgian books - illustration See Illustration of books
Belgian books - printing etc. - post-1500 B430-459
Bible B10 (English B10.4; Latin B10.3)
Bible - bibliography and catalogues B150.18
Bible - concordances B10.5 & 50
Bibliographical papers - indexes B201
Bibliographical series B990
Bibliographies, General B110
Bibliographies, by country B112-118
Bibliography - bibliography B150.850
Bibliography - history B200
Bibliography - handbooks, manuals, etc. B203 & B206 
Binding See Bookbinding
Biography - dictionaries B45 [British only. For other nationalities see main reference collections in Reading Room]
Bird books - bibliography B150.395
Block books - printing etc. B249

Book clubs (Bookselling) B816
Book collecting B870-890
Book collecting - Britain & Ireland B883
Book collecting - France B890:3
Book collecting - Germany B890:1
Book collecting - Italy B890:2
Book collecting - Netherlands B890:6
Book collecting - Russia B890:8
Book collecting - Scandinavia B890:7
Book collecting - Spain B890:5
Book collecting - America B890:9-91
Book collecting - Australasia B890:94 
Book collectors - private libraries - British B884
Book collectors - private libraries - elsewhere B890
Book dedications See Dedications
Book illustration See Illustration of books
Book jackets B619
Book plates - general B873
Book plates - Britain & IrelandB883
Book plates - France B890:3
Book plates - Germany B890:1
Book plates - Italy B890:2
Book plates - Netherlands B890:6
Book plates - Russia B890:8
Book plates - Scandinavia B890:7
Book plates - Spain B890:5
Book plates - America B890:9-91
Book plates - Australasia B890:94
Book prices See Books - prices
Book production See Books - manufacturePrintingPublishing, British books, French books etc.
Book sales - general B874-875
Book sales - British B885
Book sales - catalogues. Recent catalogues for Bloomsbury, Christie's & Sotheby stand in the low cases under the glass screen or behind the desk. For full details see Specialist catalogues
Book sales - prices See Books - prices
Book stamps See Book plates 

Bookbinding - general B600-695
Bookbinding - conservation & repair B605
Bookbinding - history of binding and binding styles B611-613 See also British bindings, French bindings etc.
Bookbinding - history of trade binding B690-695
Bookbinding - handbooks, manuals, etc. B600
Bookbinding - materials B601-604
Bookbinding - provenance See American bindings, British bindings etc.

Books - manufacture - before 1501 See Incunabula
Books - manufacture - post-1500 B260-B553 See also British books, French books etc., Printing and Publishing
Books - prices B865-867
Books printed pre-1501 See Incunabula or British books, French books etc.
Books printed post-1500 - bibliography and catalogues B120 See also British books, French books etc.
Bookselling B860-863
Botany - bibliography B150.370
Britain See Great Britain
British bookbindings - history B620-623
British bookbindings - provenance B883
British books See also English booksScottish booksWelsh books
British books - bibliography & catalogues - 1475-1640 B125:1 
British books - bibliography & catalogues - 1641-1700 B125:2 
British books - bibliography & catalogues - 1701-1800 B125:3 
British books - bibliography & catalogues - after 1801 B125:4 
British books - illustration See Illustration of books
British books - printing - post-1500 B260-302
British books - printing - post-1500 - dictionaries of the trade B263
British books - printing - post-1500 - documents and records B261
British books - printing - post-1500 - printers' marks B262
British books - printing - post-1500 - printing house practice B264
British books - printing - post-1500 - private printing B266
British books - printing - post-1500 - proof correction B265
British books - printing - 1500-1700 B270-276
British books - printing - 1701-ca. 1825 B280-286
British books - printing - after ca. 1825 B290-296
British books - publishing - post-1500 B801
British libraries See Libraries - Great Britain
British Library/Museum - catalogues B100.1 and British Library online catalogue
British Library/Museum - catalogues - incunabula B111 and ISTC (Incunabula Short Title Catalogue)
British Library/Museum] - history etc. B920 
Broadsides - bibliography B161

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Calendars B50
Calligraphy- handbooks,manuals etc. See Copybooks
Cambridge books - bibliography & catalogues B125:7.CAM.1-
Cambridge University - alumni & alumnae B45.38-48, 65-78 [another copy & college lists in main Reading Room]
Cambridge University - libraries - catalogues - incunabula B111.7- , LibrarySearch and ISTC
Cambridge University - libraries - directory B85.3 and LibrarySearch
Cambridge University - libraries - history etc. B925-926
Cambridge University Library - catalogues - incunabula B111.6 [N.B. copy with classmarks kept behind staff desk] and LibrarySearch
Cambridge University Library - catalogues - early printed books B125:1.15-19 or better, LibrarySearch and ESTC (English Short Title Catalogue)
Cathedral libraries B930-932 - British only, and see also Cathedral Libraries Catalogue online. For other countries, see B940] 
Caxton B117:1, B255:2
Censorship B840-842
Censorship - bibliography of prohibited books B167
Central American books See American books
Chapbooks - bibliography B174
Chemistry - bibliography B150.360
Children's books - bibliography B168
Chronology, Historical B50
Circulating libraries B932 [British only. For other countries, see B940] 
Classics - bibliography B150.706-707, B150.766
Coats of arms See Devices (Heraldry)
Colour printing - bibliography B180-181 See also Illustrated books
Cookery - bibliography B150.446-448
Copybooks - bibliography B169 
Cricket - bibliography B150.416
Criticism, Textual B2

Dates - dictionaries B50
Dedications B835-837
Devices (Heraldry) B45
Devices, Printers' See Printers' marks
Dictionaries, Language B78 
Distribution of books See Publishing and Bookselling
Drama see under language
Dutch bookbindings - history B670-673
Dutch bookbindings - provenance B890:6
Dutch books - bibliography & catalogues B134 and see also STCN (Short Title Catalogue of the Netherlands)
Dutch books - bibliography - incunabula B115
Dutch books - illustration See Illustration of books
Dutch books - printing etc. - incunabula B253
Dutch books - printing etc. - post-1500 B430-459
Dutch language - bibliography B150.780
Dutch language - dictionaries B78.86
Dutch literature - bibliography B150.751

Economics - bibliography B150.220
Education - bibliography B150.240
Emblems - bibliography B166
Engineering - bibliography B150.428
English books- bibliography - incunabula B117
English books - incunabula B255
English books See also British books
English drama - bibliography B150.723.
English fiction - bibliography B150.725
English language - bibliography B150.783
English language - dictionaries B78.30b-48
English language - Middle English, 1100-1500 - dictionaries B78.139-159
English language - Old English, ca. 450-1100 - dictionaries B78.29-30
English literature - bibliography B150.718-730
English poetry - bibliography B150.721. 
Ephemera, Printed - bibliography B163
Erotica - bibliography B167
European books, General - bibliography & catalogues B137
European books - for categories listed below, this includes only countries not listed separately. See French books, German books etc.
European books - bibliography B150.590-610 
European books - illustration See Illustration of books
European books - printing etc. - incunabula B256 
European books - printing etc. - post-1500 B520

Fiction See under language
Filigrains See Watermarks
Forgeries See Literary forgeries and mystifications 
France - history - bibliography B150.560
French bookbindings - history B650-653
French bookbindings - provenance B890:3
French books - bibliography & catalogues B132
French books - bibliography - incunabula B114 
French books - illustration See Illustration of books
French books - printing etc.- incunabula B252
French books - printing etc.- post-1500 B370-399
French language - bibliography B150.772
French language - dictionaries B78.100-103
French literature - bibliography B150.735

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Games - bibliography B150.413
Geography - general reference B60 
German bookbindings - history B630-633
German bookbindings - provenance B890:1
German books - bibliography & catalogues B130
German books - bibliography - incunabula B112
German books - illustration See Illustration of books
German books - printing etc.- incunabula B250
German books - printing etc.- post-1500 B310-339
German language - bibliography B150.775
German language - dictionaries B78.49-56
German literature - bibliography B150.746
Germany - history - bibliography B150.570 
Great Britain - guidebooks - bibliography B150.475-484
Great Britain - history - bibliography B150.533-550
Great Britain - libraries B910-932
Greek language - dictionaries B78.1-12
Gutenberg B250:2

Hebrew language - bibliography B150.816
Heraldry B45
Historical bibliography See Bibliography
History - general reference B50. See also Great Britain - history; France -history etc. 
Home economics - bibliography B150.446-448
Horses - bibliography B150.418
Hunting - bibliography B150.418

Illustration of books - bibliography B180-191
Illustration of books - catalogues B763-764
Illustration of books - general B760, B765-791
Illustration of books - history B760 
Illustration of books - techniques B761
Illustration of books - Britain & Ireland B765-769
Illustration of books - Belgium B786
Illustration of books - France B780-784
Illustration of books - Germany B770-774
Illustration of books - Italian B775-779
Illustration of books - Netherlands B786
Illustration of books - Portugal and Spain B785
Illustration of books - Russia B788
Illustration of books - Scandinavia B787
Illustration of books - Other European B789
Illustration of books - America B790

Incunabula - bibliography, general B110 
Incunabula - bibliography, by country B112-118
Incunabula - catalogues, individual collections B111
Incunabula - catalogues, microform collections B119:1
Incunabula - catalogues, union B110 and ISTC (Incunabula Short Title Catalogue)
Incunabula - microform collections B119
Incunabula - printing & production B240-256 See also British, French etc.
Initials See Type and typefounding -initials
Ink See Printing ink
Irish bookbindings - history B624
Irish bookbindings - provenance B883
Irish books - bibliography & catalogues B128 and See also British books
Irish books - printing B302 and See also British books
Italian bookbindings - history B640-643
Italian bookbindings - provenance B890:2
Italian books - bibliography & catalogues B131
Italian books - bibliography - incunabula B113
Italian books - illustration See Illustration of books
Italian books - printing etc. - incunabula B251
Italian books - printing etc. - post-1500 B340-369
Italian language - bibliography B150.773
Italian language - dictionaries B78.65-68
Italian literature - bibliography B150.740
Italy - history - bibliography B150.576

Journalism B831

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Language and languages - general reference B70
Language and languages - bibliography B150.760-847
Language and languages - dictionaries B78 [N.B. ask in main Reading Room to transfer dictionaries not available here]
Latin language - dictionaries B78.8-26
Latin language, Medieval and Modern - dictionaries B78.27
Law - bibliography B150.250
Libraries - directories & guides B85
Libraries - history etc. B900-946
Libraries - Great Britain B910-932
Libraries, Cathedral. For British, See Cathedral libraries. For other countries, B940 
Libraries, Circulating. For British, See Circulating libraries. For other countries, B940 
Libraries, Imaginary See Imaginary libraries
Libraries, Personal See Book collecting 
Library catalogs - bibliography B150.880
Library catalogs - individual libraries B100, B196, B195 (private libraries)
Library catalogs - union catalogues B110
Literary forgeries and mystifications B845-848
Literature - general reference B70 
Literature - bibliography B150.700-759. For individual literatures, see under language
Low Countries See Dutch books and Belgian books

Marks, Printers' See Printers' marks
Marks in paper See Watermarks
Mathematics - bibliography B150.348-351
Medicine - bibliography B150.300
Middle English See English language - Middle English, 1100-1500
Military art and science - bibliography B150.422
Miniature books - bibliography B179
Music - bibliography B173 [N.B. Main reference collections are in Anderson Room]

Names, Geographical - Great Britain - dictionaries B50.5 
Names, Geographical - Latin - dictionaries B60.3-4 and online site 
Natural history - bibliography B150.370-395
Navigation - bibliography B150.423
Netherlands See Dutch books and Belgian books
Newspaper publishing B830-832
Newspapers - bibliography B170 [N.B. Main reference collections are in Periodicals Dept]
North American books See American books
Novels See under language
Numismatics - bibliography B150.492

Official publications See Official Publications collection page 
Ownership See Book collecting/collectorsBook plates & stampsBook sales etc.
Oxford books B125:7.OXF.1-
Oxford University - alumni & alumnae B45.60 [to 1500 only. See fuller lists & college lists in main Reading Room]
Oxford University - libraries - catalogues - incunabula B111 and ISTC (Incunabula Short Title Catalogue)
Oxford University - libraries - directory B85.4
Oxford University - libraries - history etc. B921-922

Paper B730-757
Paper - dictionaries and glossaries B730
Paper - watermarks See Watermarks
Paper, Handmade B735-737
Paper industry - history - general B731
Paper industry - history - England B732
Paper industry - history - elsewhere B733
Patronage See Authors and patrons 
Periodicals - bibliography B170 [N.B. Main reference collections are in Periodicals Dept]
Periodicals - publishing B825-827
Philosophy - bibliography B150.180
Place names see Names, Geographical 
Poetry see under language
Politics - bibliography B150.206
Pornography See Erotica
Portugal - history - bibliography B150.582-584
Portuguese bookbindings - history B660-663
Portuguese books - bibliography & catalogues B133
Portuguese books - bibliography - incunabula B116
Portuguese books - illustration See Illustration of books
Portuguese books - printing etc. - incunabula B254
Portuguese books - printing etc. - post-1500 B400-429
Portuguese literature - bibliography B150.745

Prices See Book prices
Printed ephemera - bibliography B163
Printers' marks B262, B272
Printers' ornaments See Type ornaments 
Printing See also British books, French books, etc., Books - manufacture and Publishing
Printing - bibliography, dictionaries etc. B210-211 
Printing - gazetteers B214
Printing - general studies B212
Printing - handbooks, manuals, etc. B216-217
Printing - special aspects B218
Printing - terminology B216-217
Printing, Incunabula See Incunabula
Printing, 1450s-ca.1825 B220-228
Printing, after ca.1825 B230-238 
Printing ink B725
Private libraries See Book collectors
Prohibited books See Censorship
Proofreading - British B265
Prose fiction See under language
Provenance See Book collecting/collectorsBook plates Book sales etc.
Publishing - general B800
Publishing - Britain See British books
Publishing - elsewhere B802 
Publishing - societies B815-817
Publishing - subscription B820-822

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Readers & reading B850-852
Religion - bibliography B150.7-144
Religion - general reference B10
Russian bookbindings - provenance B890:8
Russian books - bibliography & catalogues B136
Russian books - illustration See Illustration of books
Russian books - printing etc. - post-1500 B490-519
Russian language - dictionaries B78.57-

Sales See Book sales
Scandinavian bookbindings - provenance B890:7
Scandinavian books - bibliography & catalogues B135
Scandinavian books - illustration See Illustration of books
Scandinavian books - printing etc.- post-1500 B460-489
Science - bibliography B150.340-370
Scottish books - bibliography & catalogues B126 See also British books
Scottish books - printing B300
Selling books B860-863
Shakespeare - bibliographes B151.SHA.1-
Shakespeare - bibliography B208 
Societies, Publishing See Publishing
South American books See American books
Spanish bookbindings - history B660-663
Spanish bookbindings - provenance B890:5
Spanish books - bibliography & catalogues B133
Spanish books - bibliography - incunabula B116
Spanish books - illustration See Illustration of books
Spanish books- printing etc. - incunabula B254
Spanish books - printing etc. - post-1500 B400-429
Spanish history - bibliography B150.582-584
Spanish language - dictionaries B78.75
Spanish literature - bibliography B150.743
Stationers' Company B261
Subscription publishing See Publishing
Swiss books See German books and French books

Textual analysis/criticism See Criticism, Textual
Theology See Religion
Type and typefounding B700-725 
Type and typefounding - casting B707
Type and typefounding - catalogues B700
Type and typefounding - identification in incunabula B241
Type and typefounding - initials B720
Type and typefounding - punchcutting B707
Type and typefounding - special kinds of type B713-719
Type and typefounding - specimens B700
Type and typefounding - England B705
Type and typefounding - elsewhere B706
Type ornaments - flowers B710-712
Typography - gazetteers - Britain B262

University of Cambridge See Cambridge University
University of Oxford See Oxford University

Vellum printed books - bibliography B171
Veterinary medicine - bibliography B150.442

Watermarks - monographs B755-757
Watermarks - general - catalogues B750
Watermarks - Britain- catalogues B751
Watermarks - elsewhere - catalogues B752
Welsh books - bibliography & catalogues B127 See also British books
Welsh books - printing B301
West Indies See American books, South and Central
Wise, Thomas J. B847
Women - bibliography B150.245
Writing manuals See Copybooks

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