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The following is a brief list of digital resources which may be useful to users of early printed collections. Access to most of these resources is provided by the University Library through subscriptions, and is restricted to computers on University networks, or to Library users with a Raven login off campus. Those listed below with an asterisk are unrestricted resources, free to all users. For further details of off-campus access and a full list of online resources, see eresources@cambridge. We welcome your suggestions of other resources that may be useful.


New resources

The Irish Times archive from 1859 to the present day (excepting the immediate last two weeks)

The Irish Newspaper Archive includes many other Irish newspapers dating back to the eighteenth century

Union catalogues (all freely available)

  • ESTC* (English Short Title Catalogue), 1475-1800
  • ISTC* (Incunabula Short Title Catalogue), 1455-1501
  • STCN* (Short Title Catalogue Netherlands), 1501-1800
  • USTC* (Universal Short Title Catalogue)
  • NSTC* (Nineteenth-Century Short Title Catalogue)

Digitised books, periodicals and other materials

Databases and other useful resources

Blogs from Cambridge and elsewhere