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The Reading Room houses the Library's main reference collection (class R100 - R952). This consists of reference books covering most subjects, language dictionaries, encyclopaedias, national and subject bibliographies.

A supplementary collection (class Ref), containing current yearbooks, directories, university calendars, travel guides, etc., will be found in the wooden cases adjacent to the Enquiry Desk.

Books from the reference collections are not borrowable, nor may they be taken out of the room or reserved on the tables. Staff can, however, arrange for such books to be transferred temporarily to another reading room for use with material available only in that room.

The subject classification of the reference collection is closely related to the scheme used in the open Library. The main subject divisions are:

R100 - R195 Religion R450 - R459 Biography
R196 Philosophy R460 - R499 Auxiliaries to History
R200 - R239 Social Sciences R501 - R687 History
R240 - R248 Education R690 - R698 Geography
R249 - R297 Law R700 - R761 Literature
R300 - R338 Medicine R762 - R787 Language (including Dictionaries)
R339 - R382 Science R850 - R895 Bibliography
R400 - R418 Fine Arts R900 - R952 General reference works
R419 - R446 Technology    


Note that R850 - R952 are closed access items and require ordering through the Library catalogue, iDiscover.

Reading Room Guide: Guide to subjects and selected titles
  Classification schemes