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Classification scheme



R100-R195 Religion

R100 Large books  
R101 Encyclopedias, dictionaries, general works  
R103 Christianity  
R118 Bible: Texts  
R134   Encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliography  
R135   Concordances  
R140 Liturgy, hymnology  
R144 Church Fathers, theological literature  
R147 Monasteries, religious orders  
R149 Saints  
R162 Churches: Britain & Ireland  
R169 Roman Catholic Church  
R175 Protestantism  
R180 Churches & denominations  
R185 Missions  
R190 Eastern religions

Cultural & political aspects of Judaism = R538
Cultural & political aspects of Islam = R620

R195 Rationalism  
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R196 Philosophy & Psychology

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R200-R239 Social Sciences

R200 General works  
R202 Statistics
Mathetatical tables = R348
R204 Demography  
R206 Political science  
R212 Colonialism  
R214 International relations  
R220 Economics: General  
R223   Finance, commerce, insurance, management, weights & measures  
R225   Communications, transportation
Shipping = R423
Aircraft = R424
Railways = R426
Road transport = R427
R232 Sociology, miscellaneous social questions  
R236 Criminology, espionage  
R238 Miscellaneous societie, guilds & institutions  
R239 Large books  
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R240-R248 Education

R240 General works  
R241 Cambridge  
R242 Universities, colleges & schools  
R243 Registers of universities, colleges & schools (including Cambridge)  
R248 Large books  
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R249-R297 Law

International law = R214
Criminology = R236
R249 Large books  
R250 General works, dictionaries, bibliography  
R251 English law: General  
R252   Special topics  
R268 Scots law  
R272 Roman law  
R273 Canon law  
R275 Law: European countries  
R283   European Union  
R284   Middle East & North Africa  
R290   Africa south of the Sahara  
R293   America  
R297   South Asia, Far East and Australasia  
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R300-R338 Medicine

R300 General works  
R301 Biography of medicine  
R302 Bibliography of medicine  
R304 Anatomy  
R308 Dentistry  
R326 Aspects of medicine  
R329 Pharmacology, pharmacy  
R338 Large books  
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R339-R382 Science

R339 Large books  
R340 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, history of science  
R342 Astronomy  
R345 Geophysics, geodesy  
R347 Meteorology, climatology  
R348 Mathematics
Statistics = R202
R352 Physics, spectroscopy  
R360 Chemistry  
R361 Applied chemistry (e.g. Chemical engineering, photography, rubber, gas, oil)  
R363 Crystallography  
R365 Geology, mineralogy
Oceanography = R698
Meturllagy, mining = R432
R368 Palaeontology, palaeobiology  
R370 Botany  
R375 Microscopy, microbiology  
R379 Biological & environmental sciences, pollution ecology
Marine resources=R698
Environmental planning = R437
R380 Biochemistry  
R382 Zoology, natrural history
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R400-R418 Fine Arts

R400 General works: Special topics (e.g. antiquities, iconography)  
R401   Individual countries (A-Z)  
R403 Sculpture  
R404 Drawings, prints & engravings  
R405 Painting  
R406 Furniture  
R408 Architecture  
R409 Ceramics, glass, glyptic arts  
R410 Jewellery, woodwork, metalwork, plate  
R411 Music  
R414 Dancing, ballet  
R415 Drama, theatre, cinema  
R416 Recreation, sports, games
R418 Large books  
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R419-R446 Technology

R419 Large books  
R420 General works
Dictionaries & encyclopedias of science & technolgy = R340
R422 Military science
Military history = R507
R423 Naval science, shipping, marine engineering
Naval history = R509
R424 Aeronautics, astronautics  
R426 Railways
Transportation = R225
R427 Road transport  
R428 Engineering: General, also mechanics, civil & structural engineering, surveying, computers, automation, data processing, control engineering  
R429 Mechanical and production engineering
Chemical engineering = R361
R430 Electronical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, radio & television  
R432 Metallurgy, mining
Mineralogy = R365
R433 Manufacturers & industries (e.g. printing, textiles)  
R436 Building & allied trades  
R437 Town planning, housing  
R440 Agriculture, veterinary medicine  
R446 Food & drink  
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R450-R459 Biography

R450 Universal  
R452 Asa & Africa: General  
R453 America: General
Other American countries = R457
R454 Britain: General. also England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland  
R455   Local, individual counties or regions  
R456 USA  
R457 Other countries (A-Z)  
R459 Large books  
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R460-R499 Auxiliaries to history

R460 Large books  
R461 Ethnology  
R462 Anthropology  
R463 Mythology, folklore, symbols
Classical mythology = R519
R464 Astrology, witchcraft  
R466 Archeology  
R490 Costume
R491 Numistics, philately  
R492 Heraldry, flags, medals, insignia  
R493 Geneaology: Royalty, noblity  
R494   Families  
R495   Parish registers  
R496   Bibliography of genealogy  
R497 Names: General  
R498   Personal names  
R499   Place names  
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R501-R687 History

R501 Calendars  
R502 General works  
R504 Bibliography of history  
R507 Military history
Military science = R422
R509 Naval history
Naval science = R423
R510 Ancient history: General, also Near East  
R519   Greek & Roman history, mythology, etc.  
R531 European & general history: General works  
R532   Medieval  
R533   Modern  
R537   First and Second World Wars  
R538   Jews, European regions & races (e.g. Slavs, Basques, Balkans, Scandinavia  
R539 Large books (covering R501-R538 & R560)  
R540 Large books (covering R541-R554)  
R541 History of the British Commonwealth
Colonialism = R212
R542 British history  
R543 English local history: General, also regions  
R544   Counties  
R546 Welsh history  
R550 Scottish history  
R554 Irish history  
R560 History of individual European countries (A-Z) including Turkey, Cyprus, the Caucasus & Russia in general  
R620 History of Asia, including Islam & the Middle East in general, excluding Turkey, Cyprus, the Caucasus  
R640 History of Africa, excluding works covering the Middle East & North Africa but including works in individual North African coutries  
R660 History of America  
R680 History of Australasia, Oceania & Pacific  
R686 History of Polar regions  
R687 Large books (covering R620-R686)  
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R690-R698 Geography

R690 Large books: Atlases  
R691 Gazetteers
Place names = R499
R694 Travels, exploration  
R695 General works, bibliography  
R698 Oceanography, marine resources  
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R700-R761 Literature

R700 General & Western literature: Dictionaries & encyclopedias  
R701   Special aspects (e.g. childrens' literature, rhetoric  
R702   Bibliography  
R703   Pseudonyms  
R704   Quotations & proverbs: general & English  
R705     other languages  
R706 Classical literature: Including medieval & modern Greek & Latin  
R707   Greek texts  
R708   Greek concordances  
R711   Byzantine & modern Greek  
R712   Latin texts  
R713   Latin concordances  
R716   Medieval & modern Latin  
R718 English literature: General, also bibliography
Bibliographies of individual authors = R859
R719   Anglo-Saxon, Early & Middle English  
R721   Poetry  
R725   Fiction  
R726   Commonwealth literature  
R728   American literature  
R730   Dictionaries & concordances of individual authors  
R733 Celtic literature: General, also Irish, Gaelic & Manx  
R734   Welsh, Cornish & Breton  
R735 French literature  
R740 Italian literature General  
R742   Dante  
R743 Spanish & Spanish-American literature, including gerneral Hispanic & Latin-American  
R745 Portuguese, Brazilian, Galician, Provençal, Catalan literatures  
R746 German literature General  
R747   Concordances  
R751 Dutch literature  
R752 Scandinavian literature General, Icelandic & Old Norse  
R753   Norwegian literature  
R754   Danish literature  
R755   Swedish literature  
R756 Russian literature & Slavonic literature in general  
R758 Other Slavonic literatures, Baltic, Latvian & Lithuanian literatures  
R759 Other European litertatures (e.g. Rumanian, Hungarian, Estonian, Finnish)  
R760 Oriental literature  
R761 Large books  
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R762-R787 Language

R762 Large books (covering R763-R782)  
R763 Linguistics  
R780 Polyglot dictionaries, bibliography of dictionaries, lexicography  
R781 Graphic symbols, abbreviations: English  
R782   Foreign  
R783 English dictionaries: General  
R784   Usage, dialect, slang, pronunciation  
R785 Foreign language dictionaries (A-Z)  
R786 Large dictionaries  
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R850-R895 Bibliography

R850 Bibliography of reference works  
R851 Bibliography of bibliographies  
R852 Universal bibliography: General  
R853   Catalogues of libraries  
R854 Western national bibliographies (A-Z)  
R855 Oriental & African bibliography: catalogues of libraries & national bibliographies  
R856 Dissertations  
R857 Special classes of books (e.g. conference proceedings, books in series, microforms, translations, publications of societies)  
R859 Personal bibliography  
R860 Manuals for authors & printers, style sheets, copyright  
R876 Libraries, librarianship  
R888 Book collecting  
R895 Large books  
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R900-R952 General reference works

R900 General encyclopedias  
R904 General periodicals (Notes and queries, Gentleman's magazine, Annual register of world events)  
R907 General periodical indexes  
R908 Book review indexes  
R915 Citation indexes  
R952 Cambridge University Examination Papers