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Staff and Civil Lists make up one of the large sets within the Royal Commonwealth Society collection and holdings cover the majority of the British Empire.  Coverage is particularly strong for India, Hong Kong, Nigeria and the Gold Coast. 
Though most Staff and Civil Lists cover the administration of the whole country others are specific to one field or particular type of staff.  Examples of the more specific Staff Lists held in the collection are listed below:

  • West African Medical staff lists
  • Nigerian Railway staff lists
  • Gold Coast Civil and Technical staff lists
  • Gold Coast European staff lists

Railway trolley on wooden trestle bridge, British Columbia


Staff and Civil Lists are valuable resources for conducting research into individuals.  Information contained within the lists includes position held, salary scale and date of appointment.  Many lists contain more detailed information including date of birth, dates of promotion, short histories of working lives, dates of retirement and amounts of pensions.  Staff and Civil Lists, however, can also be used to trace administrative changes within colonies as names of ministries and departments are given.

Requests for Staff and Civil Lists should be made in the Rare Books Room.

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