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The term ‘Other government reports’ covers three broad ‘categories’ of material all of which are published locally within the colonies.  These are:

Material covering the administration of the entire colony/region including:

  • Legislative Council Proceedings
  • Sessional papers
  • Annual reports
  • Administrative reports
  • Annual departmental reports (published together in one volume)

Student, Higher College at Yaba, Nigeria


Individual departmental reports
- Reports, usually annual, of the work and administration of individual government departments/organisations, including, to name but a few:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Public Works
  • Railways
  • Action Committee Against Narcotics (Hong Kong)

Public Works Department workshop, Uganda


‘Special reports’
- One-off reports, investigations or publications about a wide-range of subjects, relating to or affecting the administration of the colony, including, to name but a few:

  • Proposed constitution of Federation of Malaya
  • Indonesian intentions towards Malaysia
  • Report of the Committee on Malay Education, Federation of Malaya.
  • Report on the housing census held in four towns (Sarawak)
  • Notes on house-flies and blow-flies in Malaya

New town of Takalafiya, Nigeria


The Project has covered material in each of the three categories for the geographic regions of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the West Indies and large parts of Africa.  Coverage of further geographic regions will depend on future funding.

Overlap exists between the ‘categories’.  Indeed it is important to note that early departmental reports are published within volumes covering the administration of the entire colony/region.  As a consequence many users may find material from all three ‘categories’ useful for their research.

Holdings, particularly of individual departmental reports, vary from country to country and from department to department.

Requests for these government reports should be made in the Rare Books Reading Room.

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