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The University does not teach any non–Slavonic East European languages at undergraduate level, so books in these languages are only very occasionally acquired. Hungarian used to be taught, and is by far the largest language of these languages historically represented in the Library, with over 8,000 books. The Library's full collection development policy, which refers to language coverage generally and in terms of specific subjects, can be read in this PDF. Below is a brief summary of those parts of the policy (and related classification scheme) which relate specifically to non–Slavonic East European languages and the corresponding East European countries

Books on non–Slavonic East European languages are infrequently purchased. The Library's open-shelf holdings of such works can be found at classmark 778 (North Wing 6).

There is no systematic collection of literary works in non–Slavonic East European languages, although the works of a small number of clearly established authors, with an international reputation, may be acquired in the original language, in English, or in translation into another more accessible language (e.g. French), if an English translation is not available.

Books on the history of non–Slavophone East European countries are acquired to varying degrees, but rarely in those countries' languages. The history of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia can be found under 589.4–589.8 and 588.35 (the latter for 1721–1918 and 1940–1990). Albanian history can be found at 613.7–613.75.  Romanian history is at 615–615.9.  Hungarian history is most strongly represented, with holdings on Austria–Hungary starting at 607.1 and those on Hungary running from 609.01 to 609.9.

Due to fact that non–Slavonic East European languages are not currently taught at the University, the Library has got no specialist dedicated to them. You are welcome to e–mail the Slavonic specialist, Mel Bach, at with queries in the first instance. She will deal with them, with advice from colleagues where possible, to the best of her ability!