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Cambridge University Library


Current staff and students

University of Cambridge staff and students do not need to set up a separate login. Access your Library account directly via Raven.


Other users of Cambridge University Library

The below guidance is designed for readers, including alumni, private researchers, and members of other universities, who have:

These steps are to set up your Library reader login for access to the Library’s computers, printers (including photocopying and scanning), iDiscover (to request books and view your account), Wi-Fi, and access to the Library’s subscription e-resources while on site. You do not need to visit the library to follow this process, you can do this from anywhere that has an internet connection. We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop for the initial setup.

Should you require help after following the below instructions, please book an appointment with our Reader Services team:

If you have set up your login and forgotten your password, please request a new one-time passcode.


Step 1: Sign out of Microsoft applications 

If you have a personal or Microsoft account from a different institution, make sure you're signed out on other desktop applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Office applications and other browser windows before you proceed. You can also right-click any of the Microsoft app icons in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen and select 'Quit'. 

We suggest using the Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator app for verification. For a streamlined setup, download an authenticatior app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store before you begin. You may also opt to verify via text or call, if you don't have a smartphone. 


Step 2: Log in to a new Microsoft account 

You will receive your one-time password via email, or from a member of the Reader Services team. Once you have received it: 

  • Visit:
  • Sign in with:

    Your library barcode is located on the front of your library card, beginning with V, e.g. VABC1.


  • Enter your one-time password and click “Sign in”. 

    You may have recieved your one-time password in an email from us. To request one, contact:


  • Click “Next” to set up your Multi-factor Authentication methods. 


Step 3: Set up your Multi-factor authentication (MFA) method

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a secure login process that involves more steps than just entering a password. It typically requires additional information, such as a verification code sent to your mobile phone. You might already be familiar with MFA if you use online or telephone banking. If you have connected to an online service which asks you to verify your identity using an app or a text message, that is MFA.

You can use:

  • an authenticator app to generate a code or notification – this is our recommended option and works over both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. 
  • your phone to receive a text message with a code 
  • your phone to recieve a call and press the # key

If you do not have a phone, please contact Reader Services directly. We can help you access most of the services you need without creating a login. 


Using the Authenticator app 

We recommend Microsoft Authenticator for MFA.


  • Open the authenticator app on your mobile device. Click “Next” 


  • Using the Microsoft Authenticator app, click "Add Account" (or + in the top right corner).


  • Select "Work or School account" and then press “Scan QR Code”.


  • Follow the instructions on screen, using your mobile device to scan the QR code displayed on your browser. 


  • Once scanned, on webpage click “Next”, you will then be asked to confirm the number shown on the screen


  • Type the number shown on the webpage into your mobile device. 


  • If the process was successful, you will see "Notification approved". Click "Next".


  • Click “Done”, and the final step is to set your password



Setting your password 

  • The following box will appear, please enter your one-time password as your current password followed by your “New password”. If required see advice on choosing a strong password. 


  • Click Sign in, and the process is complete. 

When you have set up your login, you can leave the Microsoft 365 page. Log into iDiscover with and your chosen password.

Should you require help after following the above instructions, please book an appointment with our Reader Services team: