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Material held by the library as Electronic Legal Deposit can be accessed in-person via designated computers.

It is also possible to request a printout of items held by the library as Electronic Legal Deposit. 

To request a printout, click on the Request Scan button below. This will take you to the login page, where you need to input your Raven username and password. You will then be directed to the Scan & Deliver page where you can enter the relevant information. A charge of £2 will be applied per printout and will be payable before the printout is released. A maximum of 5 requests can be made per day. 

Due to the British Library’s system outage, the Electronic Legal Deposit service is currently unavailable


How does the service work? 

First, check iDiscover for details of the item you wish to request. The status of an item held aElectronic Legal Deposit is clearly visible in any iDiscover record. 

Fill out the Request Scan form with as many details as possible. In lieu of providing a classmark, however, write ‘ELD’. If you do not know specific page references, you may wish to check Google Books for a contents page. At this point, you will be asked to complete a copyright declaration form (see below for more details).  

Your request will then be printed, and you will be informed when it has been prepared. You will be asked to pay a small charge of £2 per printout in advance of receipt. Once paid, it will be posted to your UK address. International post is not available. 

Requests will be processed from Monday to Friday, and we aim to post printouts within two working days. 


What copyright restrictions are in place? 

Printouts are provided with certain conditions of supply, that: 

  1. the copy is required for the purposes of non-commercial research or private study 

  1. you should not make further printed or electronic copies 


How quickly will I receive my printout? 

We aim to process requests within two working daysYou will be asked to pay a charge of £2 and then your copy will be printed. It will then be posted to your UK address. We regret that international post is not available. 


Can I have an electronic version of the material instead of a printout? 

No. Owing to legislation surrounding Electronic Legal Deposit, we are only allowed to make physical copes of material held as Electronic Legal Deposit, and cannot produce scans of this material. 


Can I request printed copies of materials not held as Electronic Legal Deposit? 

No, you may only request a printout of Electronic Legal Deposit material. If an item is held by the University Library in print, you may instead request a scan of a proportion of it. See here for more details: 


Why is there a charge for this service when Scan & Deliver is free? 

The legislation that enables copies of Electronic Legal Deposit material to be made states that the person requesting a copy is required to pay for that copy. The legislation that enables us to make copies of printed material, supplied through the Scan & Deliver service, is different and does not require a charge to be made. 


Can I request printouts to use in my teaching (e.g. for Moodle?) 

The printouts are for individual research for personal use, and copies of the printouts (either printed or electronic) should not be made or uploaded to Moodle. You are encouraged to contact your Faculty or Departmental Library in the first instance to request scans for teaching.