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In January 2022, Cambridge University Libraries launched a pilot decolonisation fund to enable faculty and departmental libraries to purchase diversity- and decolonisation-related material beyond reading lists.  The fund was refreshed and relaunched with the support of the Decolonisation Working Group for the 2022/23 year.

Here is a very brief summary:

  • The fund has £6,000 (from Collections & Academic Liaison (CAL) budgets (research and ebooks@cambridge))
  • It is chiefly for faculty and departmental libraries
  • FDL colleagues:
    • Do you want to buy a book that relates to decolonisation which is not on a reading list?
    • Would you have problems affording the book and/or getting hold of it through your vendors?
    • If so, email details to if it’s a print book or to if you’re interested in an ebook

College libraries can also ask us to buy decolonisation-related ebooks.

The full 2022/23 collection development policy for the fund is here:

The January-July 2022 trial fund was spend on material detailed here in the last CAL departmental update: