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The China Digital Library (中华数字书苑) was presented to the University of Cambridge by Premier Wen Jiabao of the People's Republic of China on 2nd February 2009. It comprises five independent databases:

  1. EBook Database comprising: 
    1. 电子图书 (Ebooks) (144,670 titles) SUBJECT INDEX
    2. 国学要览 (Ancient Books) (6,294 titles)
    3. Beijing Review (1958-2008) (2,325 issues)
  2. Newspaper Database (10 titles)
  3. Reference Database (10 titles)
  4. Yearbook Database (10 titles)
  5. Fine Arts Database (1 category)

Automatic access to the China Digital Library, without a username or password, is available from Cambridge University machines with authorised IP addresses.

The URL of the China Digital Library is

At the bottom of the opening screen, click on "直接进入".
If the search window does not open automatically, click on "IP Sign In".