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The cost of reproductions reflects the amount of processing needed to complete the order. The great majority of Special Collections material must be digitised using careful handling and specialist photographic equipment. Unless customers specify otherwise at the point of requesting the copies, we deliver 8 bit uncompressed jpg files, 600ppi in 1:1 scale with RBG (Adobe 1998) colour profile. 

Licensing permission is required if you would like to use images for any kind of publication. Please contact us beforehand. Additional fees might apply, though we do not usually charge for publication in the body of an academic article.

Prices exclude VAT

Minimum Charge per request - £15.00


Special Collections Items Photography Cost per image
1 -2 images £18.00
3 to 20 images £12.00
21 to 99 images £6.00
100+ images £3.50

Main Collection Items Photography Cost per image
Up to 5 images £3.00
6 to 59 images £2.00
60 to 99 images £1.00
100+ images £0.75

Microfilm scans Cost
Up to 75 images £1.00 per image
Full copy of a microfilm £75.00 per reel

Photocopy scans Cost per image
Up to 200 images £0.50
201+ £0.25

Map Collection Scans Digital scans Cost per image
Original up to A3 (including A4 and A3 extract) £2.50
A2 £5.00
A1 £10.00
A0 £20.00

Full copy of thesis (per volume) £75.00

Other services and charges  
Fragile oversized item up to 155cm x 205cm £75.00
3D photogrammetry imaging (per item) £500.00
Events, product photography (per hour) £50.00
Film making services per quote
Storage Media, Postage and packaging (UK Delivery) £7.50
Storage Media, Postage and packaging (International Delivery) £20.00

Express Delivery (delivery within 2 working days from the time of payment - subject to the number of images, and the condition of the original items)

plus 100%

Reviewed June 2018

Charging and licensing policies

Academic and non-profit use

The Library will not usually charge for permission to publish images it supplies inside an academic or not-for-profit publication where the publication is openly accessible or if sold has an expected combined print and e-book/e-subscription volume of less than 10,000 copies.

Other uses

The Library will not usually charge for display of its images in exhibitions but will charge where the image is used to market an exhibition that visitors must pay to attend.

Where images are used in television broadcasts or films, on the cover of a book (including academic books), or in trade or high-volume print-runs (above 10,000), the library will charge a fee.

Conditions of use

Unless used under a copyright exception or licensed under a Creative Commons licence, anyone wishing to use an image supplied by the library must submit a formal request and agree to the Library’s terms and conditions of use. Users must also clear any copyright in the original material if this is necessary for publication or use.


  One Country World Rights World Rights

One language

One Language

All Languages

Books, Partworks, Periodicals      
Full page £80 £110 £160
Up to Half page £40 £55 £80
Book & Audio Book jackets £160 £210 £280

CD, CD-ROM, DVD, Cassette, Record,

Video covers (3 year right per format)

£230 £310 £410



  One Country World Rights World Rights
Electronic Publication

One language

One Language



CD-ROM, DVD (run of up to 10,000) £80 £110 £160


Web Use Up to 1 year Up to 3 years
  £75 £150


Television/ Film transmission

6 seconds





Multiple transmissions

One country, one language £100 £120 Price on request
World, one language £150 £170 Price on request
World, all languages £175 £200 Price on request

Merchandise and commercial products

Please contact the Library by e-mailing

Please note:

  • VAT at 20% must be paid, where applicable
  • Print publications: rates apply to print runs of up to 10,000.  For higher print runs please contact us.
  • All print rates are for one edition only, non-exclusive rights.  Subsequent editions and reprints require an additional payment.
  • Facsimile editions: By negotiation, royalty preferred (as a percentage of sales). A free copy of the publication is normally required.  Minimum of £50 per title.
  • Licence periods for non-exclusive perpetual use are limited e.g. academic on-line journals. They are therefore not generally available.

Contact us

Digital Content Unit
Cambridge University Library
West Road

Phone: +44 (0) 1223 765741
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 339684



Request copies or images



Audio-visual Services:


  • Imaging of library materials (including theses)
  • Licensing of Library materials
  • Product photography for catalogues, exhibitions etc.
  • Event and conference photography
  • Video making – events, interviews, conferences, short films
  • Multispectral photography
  • 3D photogrammetry


Digitisation Services:

  • Support to researchers in planning digitisation projects
  • Support for large-scale imaging projects, including off-site imaging
  • Help and advice on technical issues such as metadata and imaging standards
  • Hosting of digitised collections from other institutions