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Unlike other legal deposit libraries, a significant amount of Cambridge University Library's collection is available on open access shelves. Books are organised by subject, by size and by date of publication. Serials are kept on separate shelves. Valuable material, illustrated works such as exhibition catalogues and poetry are held on closed access shelves and can be requested in the West Room. French history and geography books as well as French literature and linguistics have specific classification marks listed below. Other material relating to French studies is classified with other language material. You can refine your search on Newton by selecting "French" as a language.

For further details on classification, please consult the Classification scheme.

History and geography

French history books are classified between classmarks 560 and 568 on the open shelves. Works on a specific area, such as the former French colonies, are classified by country rather than period. Please note that works on the First and Second World War have specific classmarks, regardless of the geographical area.

560.4 Early, to 1515 Medieval history
560.6 1515- Early modern and Modern history in general
560.62 1515-1589 16th century
560.64 1589-1715 17th century
560.8 1715-1789 18th century
561 1789-1804 French Revolution
562 1804-1815 Napoleonic period
563.12 1815-1830 Restoration
563.14 1830 Revolution
563.15 1830-1848 July Monarchy
563.18 1841-1851 February Revolution, Second Republic
563.3 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War
563.4 1871-1918 Third Republic
539.511 1914-1918 First World War in France
564.1 1918-1940  
564.15 1940-1958 Fourth Republic
539.40 1939-1945 Second World War in France
564.2 1958- Fifth Republic
564.3 1995-  
567   Regional studies (with subdivisions)
569.01-5   French constitutional history
569.6-8   Former French colonies and overseas territories

Geographical coverage

628.26 1664-1761: French in India, French East India Company
631.92-3 French in India
632.82-95 Vietnam
632.8 Indo-China
640.6 France in Africa, general
645.1-15 Libya
645.2-3 Tunisia
645.3-33 Algeria
645.4-45 Morocco
647.1-2 French-speaking Africa
647.5 Benin (Dahomey), Ivory Coast, Guinea, Togo, Mali (French Sudan), Senegal, Burkina Faso
647.6 Chad (incl. Lake Chad), Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville, Central African Republic (French Equatorial Africa), Niger (colony, republic and river). For the French Sahara, see 645.7
648.1-2 Cameroon
652.6 Madagascar
652.7 Mauritius, Reunion
662.25 French and Irish in Canada
662.3-35 French Canada, English conquest
664.66 United States, French Wars
672.88 French West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique)
674.7 French Guiana
678.6 French possessions in Oceania
682.6 Haiti

Literature and linguistics

Literature in the French language is classified between classmarks 735 and 739 on the open shelves. It is organised by genre, with subdivisions by century.

734.8 Breton literature
735 Literature, general
736 Poetry
737 Drama
738 Fiction
739 Prose (other than fiction)
772 French linguistics
773 Romance languages and dialects collectively (incl. French)
788 French and Provencal dictionaries


20.2 French Bible, text, history and criticism
28.2 French New Testament
61.46 Reformation in France
62.2 History of Christianity in France
71.5 Papacy and French Revolution
78 Catholic Church in France
154.2 Huguenots in France

Fine arts

401.5 Architecture and architects
403.5 Sculpture and sculptors
404.21 Drawing, design and designers
405.24 Painting and painters
408.45 Ceramics and ceramic artists