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The University is now subscribing to DigiZeitschriften. This is a significant online archive of German language scholarly journals, similar to JSTOR. Its focus has been to digitise core research journals and it currently gives access to more than 400,000 articles in over 200 journals. DigiZeitschriften covers academic subject areas in the humanities, sciences and social sciences and you can browse within each broad subject area on the website. Collections currently include 22 journals on religion, 14 on history, 13 on economics, 9 on German language and literature and 7 on Egyptology and Coptology. Mathematics is particularly well covered and is represented by 38 journal titles.

Cambridge University is one of a very few institutions within the UK to subscribe to this service. Many of the journals accessible through DigiZeitschriften are also available in the University Library in printed form; this online service should, however, make searching for and retrieving articles an easier and quicker process.

DigiZeitschriften can be accessed under Databases A-Z, reached by selecting the eresources@cambridge link on the Library home page. Alternatively, to access the database directly, please click here.