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In a previous "In the Spotlight" feature we highlighted significant German literary prizes which aid our collection policy for modern literature, and included details of major prizewinners for 2011. Here is an update of selected prizewinners in 2012: 

Georg-Büchner-Preis, recognising life-time achievement and awarded by the Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung in Darmstadt, has been won in 2012 by Felicitas Hoppe. Please see here for our holdings of her works. See here and here for further information. 

Deutscher Buchpreis, awarded by the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels in Frankfurt am Main, has been won in 2012 by Ursula Krechel for her novel Landgericht (C203.d.402)
The five other books on the shortlist were:

If you wish to see German newspaper reviews of these titles you can search at 

Preis der Leipziger Buchmesse (Belletristik), awarded by the Leipziger Buchmesse, has been won in 2012 by Wolfgang Herrndorf for Sand (C202.d.7458).

Aspekte-Literaturpreis, awarded by the German television broadcaster ZDF for the best German language debut novel , has been won in 2012 by Teresa Präauer for Für den Herrscher aus übersee. (The Library is in the process of acquiring this title.) 

Heinrich-Mann-Preis, awarded annually by the Akademie der Künste (Berlin) for essayistic writing, has been won in 2012 by Uwe Kolbe. Please see here for our holdings of his works. See here and here for further information. 

Kleist-Preis  was an important literary award of the Weimar Republic, being awarded from 1912 until it was discontinued in 1933. It was revived in 1985 by the Heinrich-Kleist-Gesellschaft and has been won in 2012 by Navid Kermani. Please see here for our holdings of his works. 

Roswitha-Preis which aims to support women writers, is awarded by the town of Bad Gandersheim to a female author and has been won in 2012 by Elke Erb. Please see here for our holdings of her works. 

The list above is just a selection of some of the many literary prizes awarded in Germany.