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Can I submit a request electronically?

Yes , please click on the following link:

How long will I have to wait?

After checking, most requests are transmitted by email to holding libraries within the UK. Straightforward requests should arrive within a couple of weeks but may arrive within a few days; others may have to be sent to libraries overseas before a loanable copy is found. The length of time this takes will vary from a couple of weeks to several months. Please feel free to contact the Inter-Library Loan staff if you do not hear anything within a couple of weeks. They will be happy to inform you of the current status of your request.

What happens when my item arrives?

All material borrowed on Inter-Library Loan is for reference use in the Library only and will be available for consultation in the Main Reading Room.

If you have requested a single journal article it will probably arrive as a pdf . Photocopy articles (rather than scans) will be posted to your address.

Can I transfer my items to another Reading Room?

Generally, items received on Inter-Library Loan are strictly for use in the Reading Room only. However staff may consider, on an individual basis, transferring loaned items to the Manuscripts and Rare Books Reading Rooms if the items are required in collaboration with materials held there.

Can I transfer my items to another library within the University?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer items received on Inter-Library Loan to other libraries within the University. However, some Department and Faculty libraries offer similar interlending schemes so it may be worth enquiring separately if you need to consult Inter-Library Loan materials at these facilities.

What do I do if I want to cancel a request?

If you wish to cancel a request at any time please contact the Inter-Library Loan staff. Some items can be cancelled straight away, but others require action at another library and could take a little time.

Please note that once a request is sent overseas, it can be difficult to cancel. The Inter-Library Loan staff will be happy to advise.

Am I able to renew my loan?

The period of loan varies from library to library, but is generally three to four weeks. Please apply for renewals before the date due for return.

Can I make photocopies from loaned materials?

Self-Service copying or scanning of most items received on Inter-Library Loan may be permitted, but users are required to seek staff approval before proceeding. Copying should comply with Copyright Law. Sometimes the lending library will also place restrictions on copying/scanning.

Prices for photocopies, as of 1st August 2019:

A4 paper: 10 pence a sheet

A3 paper: 20 pence a sheet

If you wish to have parts of a book, periodical article or a copy of a thesis photocopied you must comply with the provisions of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. Further information on the law of copyright can be provided in the Reading Room.

Can I take photographs from loaned materials?

Where libraries have not imposed copying restrictions, readers may use their own cameras to take still photographs. Permission should be obtained from staff at the Modern Collections Desk in the Reading Room, who will assess the condition of all items and their suitability for self-service photography.

Cameras and camera phones must be hand-held, and must be capable of being set to 'silent'. SLRs, tripods, 'mini-pods', hand-held scanners and flash photography are not permitted.

If you wish to photograph parts of a book, periodical article or a copy of a thesis you must comply with the provisions of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. Further information on the law of copyright can be provided  in the Reading Room.


Since all libraries must first of all cater for their own readers, it is understood that any library has the right to recall any of its books from another library. When a recall notice is received the book is immediately returned and the reader notified of the fact.