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Local catalogues

The University Library's physical and electronic holdings are served by a number of catalogues.  These are listed below.  Please note that while most records for material in Spanish and Portuguese contain diacritics (for example, cigüeña contains two), readers do not need to include diacritics when performing searches. 

Please note that entry of a Spanish compound surname is under the first element (e.g. Cotarelo y Mori, Emilio), whereas in Portuguese, compound names are always entered under the last element (e.g. Silva, Ovidio Saraiva de Carvalho e; Figueiredo, Adelpha Silva Rodrigues de).

Names indicating relationship which follow Portuguese surnames are treated as part of the surname (e.g. Castro Sobrinho, Antonio Ribeiro de; Marques Junior, Henrique). In both Portuguese and Spanish, entry is under the part of the name following the prefix (e.g. Fonseca, Martinho Augusto da; Santos, João Adolpho dos; Figueroa, Francisco de; Casas, Bartolomé de las; Río, Antonio del). The only exception is in Spanish, where entry is under the article if that is the sole prefix in the name (e.g. Las Heras, Manuel Antonio).

The general principle that an author is entered under the form of name by which he or she is commonly known is particularly problematic for Portuguese names, since there have been so many changes of orthography. In general the new spelling is preferred, particularly where this coincides with the usage of the Biblioteca Nacional in Lisbon (e.g. Queirós, Carlos rather than Queiroz, Carlos; Anaia, Joaquim José rather than Annaya, Joaquim José). The implications of the latest orthographical agreement ratified by Lusophone countries, whereby mute consonants c and p in words like Baptista and Lispector will disappear, have yet to work their way through to the catalogue. At the very least another range of cross references will be necessary. Every attempt is made to cover all variant spellings by cross references, but extreme caution is advised in conducting any search of this kind.

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