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Online Catalogues

MUS-MAX-MIP OPAC (up to Jul 2002, includes music manuscripts and non-catalogued items)

Physical, card catalogues

The main music card catalogue, containing entries for ca. 300,000 scores, is located in the Anderson Room. It was begun in 1934 and was closed in 1989. The arrangement of cards under each composer is classified and the guide card for most composers' names gives a list of the classification numbers, which are at the top of each card. There are often additional entries for editors. Anonymous works and collections are entered under title.

The supplementary catalogue of secondary music is in two parts, both located in the Anderson Room. The first covers the period from 1853 to 1911, and the second, which is a card catalogue, covers the years 1912 to 1983. From 1984 all secondary music is on the online catalogue.

Further facts about finding materials

All music catalogued since 1990, including secondary music after 1983, can be found by searching the online catalogue.

There is a considerable backlog of uncatalogued material (c. 55,000 items). If you cannot find what you need you are urged to ask a librarian in the Anderson Room who will be able to check catalogues (not available to readers) of music received but not processed.

Next to the supplementary catalogue is the catalogue of sound recordings. This contains many 'non-standard' entries for records and CDs in the Booth Collection of Twentieth-Century Music. Cassettes and CDs may be fetched and listened to in the Anderson Room.

Music manuscripts are catalogued with the printed music in the main section of the online catalogue. Collections of two or more pieces of music are given both a collective entry under the manuscript number, and separate entries for each piece. All the entries for a single manuscript may be found by searching for the manuscript number as a title, e.g. "MS.Dd.2.11" (N.B. include the quotation marks: the contents can then easily be sorted by author or title). All music manuscripts are consulted in the Manuscripts Reading Room

Archival materials relating to music can be found on Janus, by consulting handlists and dedicated webpages, or by contacting the music department.

All music periodicals can be found on journal title in the online catalogue. Bound music periodicals are kept at P409-classmarks (shelved at South West 1, Corridor); for unbound (including latest issues) please search the online catalogue; unbound journal issues need to be consulted at the West Room

Research outputs of music scholars at the University of Cambridge are available on Apollo