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Online access

Many thousands of journals are available online in full-text. These can be accessed through ejournals@cambridge.

Fetching orders

Many periodicals are not on the open shelves and must be ordered at the Modern Collections Desk. If you do not collect your order it will be held for one extra day after you requested it and then returned to the shelves. Items ordered to the Modern Collections Desk may not be removed from the room without reference to the staff.


Current periodical parts may NOT be reserved. Other items may be reserved, but for not more than three days at a time, provided they are handed in at the Modern Collections Desk with a completed reservation slip. Bound or boxed newspapers should be left on the newspaper tables with a completed reservation slip.


Newspapers and unbound periodicals cannot be borrowed. Bound volumes in P classes (which stand on the open shelves) can be borrowed in the same way as books from the open shelves. Readers wishing to borrow bound items in any other periodical class not on the open shelves must refer to the Modern Collections Desk.

Photocopying and scanning

No item fetched to the Modern Collections Desk may be copied without first consulting staff. Permission to copy may be refused if the item is considered to be at risk of damage.

Information and advice concerning the reproduction of material from all types of material can be obtained at the staff desk, particularly in relation to fragile, large or elderly items. Details of all reproduction services offered by the Library are available on the Imaging Services webpages.