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Pravda online archive

Following overwhelming support from readers in response to a trial held over the summer, the University Library has now purchased access to the East View Pravda backfile.

The archive goes back to Pravda's first issue, published on 22 April (new style 5 May) 1912, and provides searchable and browsable access to all issues up to the end of 2009. Pravda is an extremely important resource in all manner of areas of research connected with Russia, the Soviet Union, and further afield, and the improved accessibility that the archive provides is a great bonus.

The most recent year's worth of issues are also provided by East View but in a separate database. These latest issues are text-only, but can also be searched and browsed.

Both sources are listed under "Pravda" in the Library's e-journal pages here, as the screenshot below demonstrates. Access is available within the cam domain or outside with the use of a Raven password.


Pravda screenshot