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The Born-Digital Archives Working Group (BDAWG) is an active discussion group that brings together staff from several teams in Cambridge University Libraries with responsibility for archives (including digital archives) and for digital preservation.


The BDAWG discusses a range of issues relating to digital archives including:

  • collection management from acquisition to access
  • establishing and embedding good practice for born-digital archives.
  • requirements for services and workflows

By providing a forum for sharing knowledge between specialist teams, the BDAWG:

  • increases confidence in working with digital archives
  • increases understanding about digital archives
  • helps to ensure that the services built by the Digital Preservation Programme are fit for purpose and that requirements are understood
  • helps the Digital Preservation Programme team understand the characteristics of digital archives and to identify parallels with other CUL digital materials so that shared workflows can be developed where possible.


Led by Caylin Smith (Head of Digital Preservation for Cambridge University Libraries), the BDAWG also includes members from the Digital Preservation Programme team, the Department of Archives and Modern Manuscripts, and Research Collections, as well as external member from Cambridge University Press & Assessment.