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The current CUL Digital Preservation Strategy was delivered shortly after the end of the Polonsky-funded Digital Preservation project in January 2019.

Since this time, CUL has embarked on a five-year Digital Preservation Programme that is currently in its third year as well as completed its new strategy.

Purpose and Background

With progress being made in the above areas, it feels like an opportune time to review the 2019 Digital Preservation Strategy to ensure itsit alignsed with CUL’s strategic priorities.

Sponsored by the CUL Digital Strategy Group (DSG),1 this task and finish group will:

  • Review the existing CUL Digital Preservation Strategy
  • Consider the Digital Preservation Programme, the Digital Preservation Lab, relevant CUL documents (the CUL Strategy 2034), as well as other library work that depends on digital preservation services (e.g., maintaining Apollo’s Core Trust Seal certification) in any updates
  • Identify and engage with relevant stakeholders and groups for feedback on draft(s)
  • Seek feedback from the DSG on a draft version
  • Update draft based on DSG feedback
  • Create and publish an updated CUL DP strategy to Apollo


The CUL Digital Strategy Group is the sponsor of the review and update of the Digital Preservation Strategy. The Leadership Team will review and sign off the final draft of the updated strategy before version 1.0 is created. The strategy must be signed off by the Leadership team before it is published and submitted to Apollo.