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The UK Web Archive (UKWA) is a collaboration between the six UK Legal Deposit Libraries. Under the UK’s Legal Deposit Regulations, the libraries collect, preserve, and provide access to print and digitally published works, including the UK web domain for current and future research use.

Cambridge University Libraries staff add Cambridge-relevant material to the UKWA, including websites within the University’s domain, as well as contribute to thematic collections, such as the Cambridge Science collection.

CUL is also part of the Archive of Tomorrow project that is collecting medical information and misinformation.


The CUL Web Archiving Group is focused on web archiving within the Libraries, and brings together staff from different departments. The scope of topics includes the capture, description, preservation of and access to websites in scope for the UKWA; creating new or contributing to existing thematic collections; as well as feeding back to other relevant groups (e.g., the Legal Deposit Libraries Web Archiving Subgroup) regarding strategic and operational decisions about the UKWA.


Led by Leontien Talboom, Technical Analyst within the Digital Preservation Team, the group's membership is comprised of staff within the Digital Preservation, Archives and Modern Manuscripts, and Collection Development teams.