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Wi-Fi for current staff and students

We recommend current staff and students use eduroam to connect to the Wi-Fi. You'll need to be connected via eduroam to access all subscription e-resources.

Eduroam instructions for current staff or students at the University of Cambridge

Wi-Fi for other users of the Library

The 'UniOfCam-Guest' network is open for all visitors to connect their personal devices to the internet. Registered readers are able to access subscription e-resources while using the Library (in person) by logging in, as below. 


Connecting to UniOfCam-Guest

  1. Open the wireless settings on your device. A list of wireless networks will appear. 

  1. Select the UniOfCam-Guest wireless network from your list of available networks. You'll see the login screen appear on your device. 

  1. Select Library reader from the list of options, and use your Library account login


Try opening a web browser if you do not see a login screen. Some HTTP sites have been created to force login pages to appear. Try going to or


Your library barcode is located on the front of your library card, beginning with V, e.g. VABC1.



Once you are connected, the following page will appear, you are now connected and can close this page. 


Reconnecting to the network 

In most circumstances, your device should remember your details and connect to the wireless UniOfCam-Guest network when you select it from the list. 


Get help

Speak to a member of staff in the main Reading Room, or Reader Services Desk in the Entrance Hall for support with Wi-Fi.

Tel: 01223 333030