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School Groups

We are only able to accommodate a limited number of school groups per year and do not take bookings directly. Organisers should instead contact Schools Liaison Officers at one of the Colleges to arrange a visit as part of a wider participation programme.

We offer the following for school groups:

Short tours of the University Library

If you are in Cambridge for a short while, you are welcome to arrange a guided tour of the main University Library. Tours take around 15-20 minutes and students will be shown the main Reading Room and open stacks. Please enquire through your Schools Liasion Officer for a tour.

Study skills session

A 45-minute study skills session designed for sixth form students; encompassing managing information, criticial assessment and resource discovery. This can be followed by a tour of the library, as above. Students are welcome to stay and use a study space for the rest of the day. Guest Wi-Fi is available.

Use of the the library facilities for private study

If you would like your group to have full use of library facilities, students will need to register in advance for a library card. This is required to request books, access e-resources, and use the library PCs, printers, scanners and photocopiers.


What will be available?


Tour of building


On-site eResources





Open access books

Closed access books


Study skills session


Register for library cards