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Procedures for evacuating mobility impaired readers

When the evacuate command is heard disabled or mobility impaired readers in open stacks are advised to move to the nearest staircase. These areas will be checked by Fire Wardens who can arrange evacuation by Evac-Chair if necessary.

Disabled users of the Library, and especially those with mobility impairment, are advised to draw up a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) (email:  Each PEEP will be individually tailored and specific to use in this Library.

Advice and support on writing a PEEP is available here:

When formulating the PEEP the distinction should be made between core hours and non-core hours and it is probable that two plans should be created; one catering for each possibility.

Core Hours

Monday-Friday 9-5

During normal core working hours no special arrangements are necessary for mobility impaired users. Readers with large wheelchairs may find some areas of the Library difficult to manoeuvre around, but the majority of spaces, especially the various reading rooms, are completely accessible. The Library has a variety of lifts, some of which will not accommodate large wheelchairs. Users with special requirements should aim to develop a familiarity with those lifts that suit their equipment.

Readers who are not able to negotiate the open stacks due to mobility impairment should enquire in the main Reading Room. A fetching service can be arranged with Reader Services (email:

Non-core Hours

Monday-Friday after 5pm and all day Saturday

During non-core hours staff cover is reduced and evacuation of the open stacks by wardens may take longer.  Readers with mobility impairments who are concerned about their ability to evacuate are advised to tell the Reader Services Desk where they will be working so appropriately trained staff can be directed to them.

These pages are currently being revised. Please contact us if you require any further information.

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