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Please note that the Assistive Technology Room is now located off the North Wing Corridor. More information about this room is available on the Assistive Technology Page of the Accessibility LibGuide.

Group and Single Study Room

Group and Single Study Room

Monday - Friday : 9am to 6:50pm 

Saturday : 9:30am to 4:30pm

The Group and Single Study Rooms are bookable spaces on the third floor, signposted from the nearby Beta staircase.

There are two single study rooms.

The rooms can be booked here: UL South Wing Group Study Room bookings.

Group Study Room

Bookings can be made for up to 8 people in the group study room. Sessions run for 2 hours*. Only one person per group needs to make the booking for the Group Study Room (please book 1 seat only on the online booking calendar). You can make multiple bookings on the same day.

Two different groups can book to use one table each in the same booking slot - please use any available table for your group when you arrive at the start of your booking. You may continue to occupy the same table if you have back-to-back bookings on the same day.

Please remember to tidy up and take all belongings with you at the end of your booking, to allow the next booked group to use the available tables after.

Please be aware that other library users need to walk through the room to get to the Single Study Rooms at the far end - you may be disturbed by doors opening and people entering the space, and we ask that you please be mindful, courteous, and respectful of your fellow library users if this happens.

(*the final booking slot is 1 hour 45 minutes on weekdays and 1 hour 30 minutes on Saturdays, as bookings must fit within the opening hours of the South Wing 3 Study Hub) 

Single Study Rooms

Single study rooms are bookable for 2 hour slots. Single Study Room 1 contains a desk and a chair, and has a window facing south outside. Single Study Room 2 has no window, but both have a glass front that allow light into the room from outside, and mean that users in these rooms can be seen by users of the Group Study Room.

Assistive Technology PC

Single Study Room 2 also contains a PC. This PC can be used by students registered with the Disability Resource Centre at Cambridge. 

It has the following Assistive Technology on:

  • Dolphin Supernova
  • Dragon Professional

If you would like to use the PC, we would need to set you up with an account, which we are very happy to do! For more information about using the PC, or the room, please email

Commonwealth Room 

Commonwealth Room 

Monday - Friday : 9am to 6:50pm 

Saturday : 9:30am to 4:30pm

The Commonwealth Room is a light and airy reading room, with large study tables fitted with power points, enabling users to plug in their own devices. The room has good Eduroam/UniofCam-Guest WiFi coverage.  

Access to iDiscover and electronic resources is available via the public PCs in the room. A self-service copier and scanner is available in the annex to the Commonwealth Room. Current photocopying charges are: 10p per A4 page; 20p per A3 page. Scans are free of charge.

Some seats are reserved for Postgraduate study.


Commonwealth Room - Postgraduate Study Space 

Commonwealth Room - Postgraduate Study Space

Monday - Friday : 9am to 6:45pm 

Saturday : 9am to 4pm

Postgraduate students have told us that they appreciate being able to book a seat. The Commonwealth Room is a study area on the third floor of the South Wing of the University Library, and is quiet, airy and pleasant. Postgraduate students can book a seat at a desk and leave their materials at it when they are not there. There are six seats available. Please note that the booking is for whichever seat is available at the desk, not for a particular chair, and that the desk may be shared with other users. Book the Commonwealth Room Postgraduate Study Space.