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Catalogues on Paper and PDF

There are two published book-form catalogues of the Japanese collections at the University Library:

  • Eric Ceadel: Classified catalogue of modern Japanese books in Cambridge University Library (1961) (FD.22:1.1)
  • Nozomu Hayashi and Peter Kornicki: Early Japanese books in Cambridge University Library (1991) (FD.22.28)

Both are shelved in the East Asian Reading Room. Only about 10% of the early Japanese books at the UL are included in iDiscover, so readers should consult the Hayashi and Kornicki catalogue for early books. That catalogue is still in print if you need to access it at home, and you can browse the Romanised title list here. The title/author card catalogue of Chinese, Japanese and Korean publications also still remains in the East Asian Reading Room.

Japanese manuscripts in the Picken Collection were surveyed in a 2009-11 research project led by Professor Akiko Ota of the Tokyo College of Music. The final report includes a detailed list of the 52 manuscripts, which you may consult to request the manuscripts for viewing.

Searchable Catalogues for Japanese Resources at Cambridge

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