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The University Library uses the Library of Congress transliteration system for Greek. A pdf version of the transliteration table is linked to here. The same document can be downloaded as a Word document from this page. As readers will see, some letters are treated differently according to their position in a word (for example the combination μπ is transliterated as b when it occurs at the beginning of the word, but as mp when it occurs in the middle or at the end). Some transliteration is altered according to the period of Greek in question. The letter β, for example, is transliterated as b for Ancient and Medieval Greek, but as v for Modern Greek.

The transliteration table is followed by explanatory notes and several pages of examples. Readers are strongly recommended to read this documentation.

Catalogue records for Modern Greek material processed since 2005 or so also include the original Greek script version of information such as the book’s title. It is not, however, possible to search in Greek script in any of the Library’s catalogues.