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What follows is a very high-level guide to open-shelf classmarks for Greek history, literature, and linguistics. A much more detailed breakdown for these subjects can be found in the appropriate classification schemes (History and Geography, Western Literature, and Linguistics) on this pagePlease note that very few books in Modern Greek are now placed into the open sequences; the majority are now given closed-access classmarks.

Greek history is covered by various classmarks in the North Front of the Library.  Ancient and Byzantine Greek history is found on NF3 and NF4, at the following classmarks:

  • 519 (Greece and Rome);
  • 520 (Ancient Greek history);
  • 522 (Greek antiquities); and
  • 523 (Medieval Greece).

Modern Greek history is on NF6, in classmark 619, including:

  • 619:16 (Ottoman rule);
  • 619:2 (19th century);
  • 619:3 (20th century); and
  • 619:92-96 (local history).

Greek literature can be found in the Library’s North Wing, on NW2. The main classmarks for Classical Greek literature are as follows:

  • 706 (Classical literature (works on both Greek and Latin));
  • 707 (history and criticism);
  • 708 (poetry);
  • 709 (drama); and
  • 710 (prose).

Medieval and Modern Greek literature are covered by the classmark 711 (also NW2), including:

  • 711:3 (Medieval Greek);
  • 711:5 (Modern Greek); and
  • 711:7 (history and criticism).

The classmark guide then goes into great detail about the placement of scores of individual Classical Greek authors.

Books on the Greek language can be found on NW6 at 766.