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The fairy fiddler 
Opera in two acts. Libretto by Elizabeth Shane (aka Gertrude Hines)
The complete opera was never performed, although there have been concert performances of the Prelude to Act I, and Derrybeg Fair, prelude to Act I, scene III. Composition commenced in 1922, although the bulk of the work was composed 1925-1926 
Instrumentation : 2(picc)222.2211.timp.harp.str.
Archive has manuscript score and parts Prelude to Act I and Derrybeg Fair in copyist's hand in ink ; vocal score of part of Act I also contains miscellaneous unrelated sketches ; 1 piano reduction in pencil of Derrybeg Fair and Act II ; autograph score in ink and pencil, central section (p. 29-53) consists of sketches, and is incompletely scored. MS.Alwyn.1.5.5,MS.Alwyn.1.5.6-7, MS.Alwyn.1.5.8, MS.Alwyn.1.5.9
Also Derrybeg Fair score and parts in copyist's hand MS.Alwyn.1.5.10, complete Fairy Fiddler score MS.Alwyn.1.5.11, Fairy Fiddler complete score MS.Alwyn.1.5.12, draft vocal score MS.Alwyn.1.5.13, vocal score MS.Alwyn.1.5.14, and libretto MS.Alwyn.1.5.15
There is also some correspondence between Elizabeth Shane, the librettist, and Alwyn.


Little gurgling brook
For piano
Holograph in ink, signed and dated "William Alwyn Smith, March 11, 1922" MS/Alwyn/1/3P/31


Three preludes for viola and piano 
Although title reads "Three preludes" only two preludes are found here
1. Andante -- 2. Andante rubato
Archive has manuscript score, holograph in ink, signed, 1st prelude dated "July 1st 1922", 2nd "June 24th 1922." MS/Alwyn/1/3V/5


Quartets, strings, Bb minor 
(String quartet no. 1, first sequence)
Original manuscript, holograph in ink, is in the E. J. Tebbutt Collection, Northampton Central Library. 
Archive has holograph score in pencil and a photocopy of the Tebbutt manuscript. MS/Alwyn/1/3S/13-14


The bell-buoy : for piano
Holograph in pencil. Signed and dated "William Alwyn" and at end "March 11, 1923, Northampton." MS/Alwyn/1/3P/5


The fairy pool : for piano 
Holograph in pencil. Dedicated "To Peter Pan", i.e. Olive Alwyn. Signed "William Alwyn Smith", dated at end "March 9, 1923, Northampton". MS/Alwyn/1/3P/17


In a joyful mood ; In a mournful mood : for piano, in F major/minor 
Holograph in pencil. Signed and dated "William Alwyn Smith, 1923." MS/Alwyn/1/3P/25


Three Irish folk tunes : arranged for flute, 'cello and piano
1. The eagle's whistle -- 2. The maids of Mourne shore -- 3. Molly on the shore (A Cork reel)
Dedicated "To Peter", i.e. Olive Alwyn
Archive has holograph score in ink and flute part. MS/Alwyn/1/3I/4-5


Seven Irish tunes : arranged for string quartet from the Petrie book of Irish airs 
1. The Little Red Lark -- 2. Air -- 3. The Maiden Ray -- 4. The Ewe with the Crooked Horn -- 5. The Gentle Maiden -- 6. Jig -- 7. Who’ll buy my Besoms?
Archive has 2 manuscript scores, and one set of parts. Parts and one of the scores is titled Seven Irish airs, these also bear a stamp "The Pougnet Quartette", who performed the work for a radio broadcast in 1934. A further score is titled Seven Irish tunes. All holograph in ink, except for the first score which is holograph in pencil. MS/Alwyn/1/3S/45 and MS/Alwyn/1/3S/48. Archive also has a review of the broadcast MS/Alwyn/1/8/126.


Leprechaun : a fairy fragment : for string quartet 
Archive has manuscript score, holograph in pencil, dated “Northampton August 19, 1923.” MS/Alwyn/1/3S/2


Nurse's tune : or Hushaby : tune 1010 from the Petrie collection, arr. for voice (vocalise) or violin and piano
Archive has holograph score. MS/Alwyn/1/4/53


Four portraits from Sir J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan : for piano 
1. Peter Pan -- 2. Captain Hook -- 3. The Lost Boys of the Never-Never Land -- 4. Tinker Bell
Dedicated to Olive Pull
Archive has manuscript score, holograph in pencil, dated “Northampton October 25, 1923.” MS/Alwyn/1/3P/48


Peter Pan : suite for small orchestra 
Based on the slightly earlier piano work. Dedicated to Peter (i.e. Olive Alwyn, nee Pull)
1. Peter Pan -- 2. Tinker Bell -- 3. The Lost Boys of the Never-Never Land -- 4. Captain Hook 
Instrumentation : 2(picc)1(ca)11.2200xyl.2timp.harp.str
Archive has manuscript score, holograph in pencil, dated “Northampton, November 29th, 1923.” MS/Alwyn/1/2/32


Two pieces for viola and piano 
1. Solitude -- 2. Dance 
Dedication "For Peter" 
Archive has manuscript score, holograph in pencil. MS/Alwyn/1/3V/32


Quartets, strings, F minor 
(String quartet no. 2, first sequence) 
Original manuscript and set of parts, score holograph in pencil, is in the E. J. Tebbutt Collection, Northampton Central Library. Archive has a photocopy of the Tebbutt manuscript. MS/Alwyn/1/3S/15


Sea surge : a prelude in C minor for pianoforte
Manuscript lost. Title page only can be found at the British Library.


Four sketches for piano
1. Fairy Flute -- 2. Musical Box -- 3. Cello -- 4. Bagpipes
Dedication "To Olive Pull"
Archive has holograph score in ink, a further score with markings in pencil, pencil sketches, and further sketches with additional movements : 1. Trumpets and drums -- 2. Clarinet -- 3. Bassoon -- 4. Guitar. MS/Alwyn/1/3P/58-61


Untitled set for piano
Sunday morning -- The tiny white cottage in the heather -- The wee piper -- The rain drips on the dead leaves
Dedication "To Peter " Dated December 6th - December 13th 1923 
The first movement "Sunday morning" was later published as part of the Fancy free set. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1927. Oxford piano series ; no. 106
Fancy free including "Sunday morning" was recorded by Ashley Wass on William Alwyn piano music 1. Naxos 8.570359. Recorded at Crear, Lochgilphead, Argyll on 1st July, 2007. For further details see Naxos
Archive has manuscript score, holograph in pencil, and a pencil sketch of "The wee piper". MS/Alwyn/1/3P/76