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The South Asian, Tibetan and Southeast Asian collections are on open access (except for rare and reserved items). Books are arranged according to the Cambridge University Library Classification scheme. South Asian monographs are classified in 833-838. South Asian manuscripts are requested in the Manuscripts Reading Room. South Asian periodicals are requested in the West Room. The open access books stand on West Four. A copy of the classification scheme is available on these floors. Pre-1900 publications have been withdrawn to closed access; these may be requested in the Rare Books Reading Room. Tibetan pothi format (unbound) books (S839 or Tib) may be requested in the Manuscripts Reading Room. In addition, works in Indic, Tibetan and Southeast Asian languages may occur in other Library collections, e.g. early works may be in Rare Books classes, government publications in Official Publications, maps or music in the relevant collections. Readers are strongly advised to use the catalogues, whenever possible by author, in the first instance. Works in Western languages on South Asian, Tibetan and Southeast Asian subjects (other than language and literature) are classified in the general range of library classification, e.g. a study of Buddhism written in German will be classified with religion, not with the language texts in 833-844; a modern study in English on South Asian archaeology will be found with archaeology; one on Southeast Asian coins with numismatics; a general history of Tibet under history (subdivision Tibet), not under Tibetan (subdivision history).

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