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The Tracker project was conducted, alongside the Protolib II project, to supplement the findings of the first Protolib project. Tracker concentrated on micro-level space issues, specifically the user-centred research and design of signage and other navigational tools. This was achieved by equipping library users with digital eyetracking glasses while they completed tasks such as finding books and other resources, allowing us to see exactly where they looked for assistance. Participants were shadowed and observed closely as they completed their tasks and interviewed afterwards, to further explore the areas of difficulty and uncertainty they had encountered.

The project employed the use of rapid prototyping: after the initial baseline eyetracking work, prototype signage was designed for each of the four Cambridge libraries under study. This signage was tested with users and iterated on until it was successful in helping people navigate library spaces and find resources.

The Tracker project report outlines the research and analysis conducted during the project, along with resulting suggestions for design and examples of signage designs for each of the libraries in which work was conducted.

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