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Cambridge University Library



Cambridge University Library West Road Cambridge CB3 9DR UK

The Library drive opens off West Road about halfway along on the right, travelling from Queen’s Road away from the city centre and towards Grange Road.


There are four parking spaces for disabled readers directly opposite the front entrance of the Library, and a further two spaces in the smaller car park on the left as you drive into the main car park.

Lift to main building

A wheelchair lift is located in the small building to the left of the front steps. The lift is fitted with a bell to alert staff in the building if for any reason the lift is not working or if you would like assistance.

The lift gives access to the platform at the top of the steps.

A push-button door to the left of the revolving door admits to the Entrance Hall.

From here staff at the Reader Services Desk can provide access via the tower lift (approximate internal dimensions 110 cm. long, 105 cm. wide; doorway 70 cm. wide) to the first floor where many of the Library’s facilities are located, including the main Reading Room, the Tea Room, the Assistive Technologies and three toilets for disabled readers.

On departure there is a push-button bell on the first-floor gallery above the Entrance Hall, which summons staff to open the tower lift.

Alternative Access

Alternative access via the staff entrance at the south (West Road) end of the building is available ONLY 09.00-17.30 Monday to Friday.

A shallow ramp leads up to wide double doors. A porter is on duty at this entrance whenever it is open.

Just inside is a large lift giving access to the first to fourth floors.

Milstein Exhibition Centre

An entrance at ground level to the right of the front steps gives access only to the Milstein Exhibition Centre.

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