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Subdivisions of papers in this section.

6. Banks; registration of births and deaths: 26 Apr. - 13 June 1869. 3 items.
Restrictions on the business of Presidency Banks; proposal for the registration of European births and deaths in India.

7. Prison conditions and design: 11 Feb. 1868 - 14 Dec. 1871. 24 items.
Prevention and treatment of 'jail fever'; discussion of general principles for the design and management of prisons in India; deputation from the Social Science Association; reports on prisons.

8. Penal settlements: 19 Apr. 1870 - 22 Jan. 1872. 17 items.
Administration of Port Blair and the Andaman Islands.

9. Education: 28 Oct. 1867 - 26 June 1871. 46 items.
Policy of the Government of India towards the financing of education, and directions on the subject from British government; local taxes for education in Bengal, and dispute between Governments of India and Bengal; local tax for education in Benares; mismanagement of Lawrence Military Asylums.

10. Correspondence with Mary Carpenter: 11 Oct. 1869 - 27 Oct. 1871. 6 items.
Letters etc. to Mayo concerning the promotion of women's education in India, and the work of S. Banerjee, an Indian colleague of Mary Carpenter, in England. 

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