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Subdivisions of papers in this section.

11. Department of Agriculture: 25 Nov. 1869 - 20 Jan. 1871. 13 items.
Proposal to form a Department of Agriculture, Revenue and Commerce.

12. Agricultural production and trade: 15 Jan. 1869 - 1 May. 1871. 27 items.
Cotton, other textile fibres, and grain production and trade: production improvements; statistics; Cotton Frauds Bill; government cultivation of cuinchona; taxation area boundaries; trade conditions in Burma.

13. Irrigation: 23 Oct. 1868 - 12 Feb. 1872. 39 items.
Irrigation works: policy, including finance; works in North Western Provinces and Sind; publication of pamphlet by Maj. A.F. Corbett, Superintendent of Police, Budaun, on ploughing as alternative to irrigation; irrigation scheme in Madras; preparation of weather reports.

14. Miscellaneous agricultural and salt production: 7 Aug. 1868 - 16 Feb. 1870. 6 items.
Supply of agricultural implements; irrigation in North Western Provinces; land reclamation and the use of sewage; negotiations for treaty on salt production at Sambhar lake, Rajputana.

15. Famine relief : 8 Jan. 1869 - Aug. 1871. 24 items.
Government responsibility and charity; measures in North Western Provinces; rainfall reports.

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