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Subdivisions of papers in this section.

24. Budgets and economy measures: March 1869 - 31 Mar. 1871. 20 items.
Extraordinary taxation and economy measures introduced in 1869; budget for 1870; financial state of India and search for economies and sources of revenue; budget for 1871.

25. Local taxation policy: 4 May 1869 - 20 Jan. 1872. 32 items.
Proposals by government of India to increase proportion of revenue obtained through taxes raised by provincial governments, and responses from provincial governments.

26. Implementation of local taxes: 8 Jan. 1861 - 13 Oct. 1871. 29 items.
Measures to be taken by provincial governments to fulfil new responsibilities for raising revenue; dispute over methods of land taxation suitable in North Western Provinces.

27. Miscellaneous tax and economy measures: July 1869 - 23 Nov. 1871. 16 items.
Miscellaneous correspondence on methods of financial administration, taxation levels, reductions in police force in North Western Provinces, opium duties and smuggling, salt tax.

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