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Subdivisions of papers in this section

39. The Wahabi movement: 13 Mar. 1869 - Oct. 1871. 48 items.
Arrests and trials of alleged supporters of the Wahabi movement; legal challenge to power of detention without warrant; other forms of religious disturbance.

40. Allahabad and Roorkee 'Panics': 2 July - 17 Nov. 1870. 98 items.
Rumours of insurrectionary plots spread amongst European residents at Allahabad, Roorkee and Benares, and consequent panic: security measures taken and subsequent investigation, how rumour was spread by telegraph, and possibility of legal action against telegraph users.

41. Assassination of Chief Justice Norman: 20 Sep. - 20 Dec. 1871. 84 items.
Stabbing of Chief Justice J.P. Norman, and investigation of possible conspiracy to murder him.


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